Magic of Books Hoodie Design by Saqman

Magic of Books Hoodie Design Review.

TheĀ Magic of Books Hoodie features the one and only Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series and her magical world of books. She is wearing her Hogwarts uniform and holding a wand. Hermione is casting a spell which makes the books magically dance around her. If you like Potter Potter, books, or just plain magic, this hoodie is right for you!

The concept for this design is of course knowlege. For starters, we all know that Hermione is one smart cookie. Secondly, we know she is learning more stuff every day at Hogwarts via class and tomes. As you can see, in front of Hermione, there is a slivering scarf that says "WHEN IN DOUBT, GO TO THE LIBRARY" in capital letters. Finally, tying the theme the magic of books together.

As for the artwork, it is done in a cartoon style. As you can see the Brunette is getting down to business with plenty of action illustrates around her. For instance, her Gray short skirt is swaying in the wind. Also, Her Brown wand she holds is charged and ready as if it is eager to see which spell Hermione is going to cast out. Hermione is of the Gryffindor house and that is what the Yellow and Red represents on her uniform and scarf. Last but not not least, there are pretty design elements like a dove and a butterfly written in the pages of the leather-bound books.

If you prefer the J.K. Rowling fantasy world over this one or if you just like the design, then this hoodie is great for you!

Magic of Books Design by Saqman.

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