Climbing Chameleon Tee Design by David Penfound

Climbing Chameleon Tee Design Review.

The Climbing Chameleon tee design is for the people that love and admire lizards.

The chameleon image is super detailed and of photograph quality. The chameleon is shown climbing the tee itself and extending its tongue to snag an insect.

The artwork itself is awesome. The combined effects of the wrinkles and drag on the fabric as wel las the drop shadow give the 3D illusion of the chameleon actually being on the tee. Super realistic saliva drops on the tongue and hyper coloring on the chameleon's skin make this tee stand out rather than blend in (Do you see what I did there?) from the typical animal tee.

This is a great nature shirt to wear anywhere.

Climbing Chameleon Tee Design by David Penfound.

Is available on: Tees. The Blue or Green fabric color is mandatory depending on what is in stock, either is an ideal color for this design. The review breakdown is as follows: