Queen of Moons Tee Design by traceygurney.

Queen of Moons Tee Design Review.

The Queen of Moons tee design is for the nerdy and fans of Supernatural. Nerds need a champion and queen and here the underdog Charlie Bradbury happens to be both.

The concept of the Queen of Moons tee is art nouveau style tribute to the Supernatural character Charlie Bradbury (played by Felicia Day) and the LARP and the Real Girl episode. It has many references to her character and pop culture in general. From "I love you I know" (Star Wars), The Vulcan Salute (Star Trek), The White Tree of Gondor (Lord of the Rings), a icosahedron from Dungeons and Dragons and a circuit board pattern. These are the references that I know, there are a couple others in there as well. All really great choices that define her character very well.

As for the design, it is impressive. Some nice 3D shading paired with flat design elements creates an interesting effect which makes art nouveau difficult to do but Tracey nailed it. The Red color which was chosen on account of her hair works great with the theme. The layout is better than most art nouveau pieces. The fact that Charlies crown extends past its would be frame shows strong a artistic mindset with a great lack of respect for restrictions. Depth and interest that is what it is all about.

This Queen of the Moons tee will make a nice gift for any fan of Supernatural and empowered women.

This is a good casual shirt that fits in anywhere such as Comic-Cons. It would also make a good tee to wear while streaming Netflix.

Queen of Moons Tee Design by traceygurney.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. A few dark fabric colors are available depending on the style but BLACK is the best choice. As as the Black fabric makes up most of the design itself. The review breakdown is as follows: