Castle Lovers Tee Design Naolito.

Castle Lovers Tee Design Review.

The Castle Lovers tee design is for the Super Mario Bros. fans that want more drama in the franchise.

The concept for the Castle Lovers tee design is that there is a love triangle involving Mario, Princess Peach and Luigi. That in itself is not original as it has been done numerous times before.At any rate, here Mario has no idea that Princess Peach is seeing his brother but he suspects that something is going on with someone. So Luigi is hiding to keep their secret by dangling outside the castle window. Princess Peach has a worried and guilty expression on her face. Overall, it is funny and a bit sad at the same time.

As for the artwork, the colors are Super Mario Bros. appropriate and are purposely muted to set a mood. The splotches in random places and in the dark areas has little to be desired however but it still makes a damn good shirt.

You can almost hear some cheesy soap opera theme music.

This Castle Lovers tee is for the adult gamers. Where it to Comic-Con, E3 etc.

Castle Lovers Tee Design Naolito.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Posters, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. Black colored fabric is mandatory and really the best option. The review breakdown is as follows: