Science Club Tee Design by djkopet

Science Club Tee Design Review.

The Science Club tee design is for science buffs and Breaking Bad fans that can't can't get enough of like-minded pop culture characters.

When Walter organized the first ever meeting of the Fictional Scientists Club he didn’t think there’d be much of a turnout, especially since Doctor Frankenstein claimed he was coming in from Transylvania to attend the meeting, but all kinds of characters actually showed up. There was that softheaded scientist Bunsen Honeydew, that quirky young physicist who kept saying bazinga, a sinister cephalopod of a man with metal arms attached to his back, a Doc Brown who claimed he’d been back in time, a cold hearted fellow named Freeze and good old Albie Einstein, cartoon version of Albert. They were all in awe of Mr. White's chemistry skills, and thought he'd probably be voted Most Likely To Succeed, but when he shared his recipe for blue crystals with the club their jaws dropped to the floor...

The concept is to take a bunch of fictional scientists and put them in a room together, with Walter White as the center of attention. Would they approve or cheer him on? Either way this Breaking Bad fan tee is meant remind everyone of Walter's super chemistry skills and his super villain mindset.

As for the artwork, it is clean and professional. White and Blue inks are the only colors used and the color of the fabric blank feels in the rest. The highlights and shading are great for a cartoon and each character's likeness is spot on. Walter's backside is facing us and is complete shadow with highlights providing the non meth clues to his identity. The design is balanced well and is very pelasing to the eye.

This Science Club tee would make a great gift for the science buffs and Breaking Bad fans. Bonus if they happen to like the other fandoms that are included. Such as Spider-Man, The Big Bang Theory, Batman, The Muppets, Back To The Future, and of course Einstein (real or cartoon version).

While this tee is comical, I wouldn't recommend it as a school garment with the Breaking Bad references. Other than that, this will make a great t-shirt for any casual occasion.

Science Club Tee Design by djkopet.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. Navy Blue, Black and Deep Royal Blue are the only fabric color options available. The review breakdown is as follows: