Renewal Hoodie by Reverb

Renewal Hoodie Design Review.

The Renewal hoodie features Buddah or at least a statue of him, meditating under an electric blue doorway in a surreal waterscape or reflecting pond. As a result, it is an ideal design for the spiritual or those well on their way to enlightenment.
The concept is enlightenment. For instance, no emotional attachment nor judgement regarding anything. Such as the inward path that leads to said enlightenment. It is said, to achieve this state is to be reborn or renewed. As one is not the same as they were before the journey.
Now as for the artwork, the design elements all work together nicely. Firstly, the use of contrast is exceptional. As seen by the bright Electric Blue rectangular doorway. Secondly, the symbolism of water and of the cosmos really reinforces the spiritual nature of the concept of "renewal". As water both cleanses and represents spirit. Thirdly, the colors are so calming. When all of these details are combined it is a visual symphony of vicarious enlightment.
Regarding the fabric, it is the softest hoodie that I have ever felt personally. This is a casual design to be worn anywhere.
Above all, as for the print, it turned out flawless.
As a result, this hoodie will make a great gift for the spiritual and truth seeking types.
In conclusion, the quality of Fresh Hoods is above and beyond other brands selling the same type of hoodies and designs. While the other brands shown on this site have above average print quality Fresh Hoods is off the charts. For both Print and Fabric.

Renewal Hoodie by Reverb.

Is available on Hoodies. There is no fabric color choice as this is printed using the Sublimation technique. The review breakdown is as follows: