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Demon Girl Hoodie Design Review.

The Demon Girl hoodie features a goth girl on the front and a horned demon girl on the back. This edgy hoodie is for people who love spooky designs and creepy genres.
The concept is cute, spunky with a tinge of demonic possession on the back. For instance, The goth girl is holding her Black hair covered and she has a cross and bones on her left shoulder. There are creepy jack-o'-lanterns smiles around her. Her face is bland and has no emotion whatsoever. There are also little bats along with the jack-o-lanterns. Furthermore, there is a phrase on the left side that says "BAD GIRLS CLUB" vertically. For the back, there is a horned demon girl in a hoodie. Which I think is the goth girl form the front in her true form. I wouldn't wanna see her at nighttime.
Now as for the artwork, the design elements all work together nicely. Firstly, the use of contrast is exceptional. As seen by the design elements via the bright light Blue and little Pink jack-o'-lanterns and little bats which are cool. A blend of Goth and Pastels is that a thing? The face is beautifully done with Black White and Blue. The BAD GIRL CLUB design is done with electric blue. Secondly, the symbolism of the demon girl is saying like watch out- I'm cute from the front, but don't cross me. cause inside you don't even want to know. This hoodie is meta. A demon girl wears wearing a hood.
Regarding the fabric, it is the softest hoodie that I have ever felt personally. This is a casual design to be worn anywhere.
Above all, as for the print, it turned out flawless.
As a result, this hoodie will make a great girl for your goth gals and spooky people.
In conclusion, the quality of Fresh Hoods is above and beyond other brands selling the same type of hoodies and designs. While the other brands shown on this site have above average print quality Fresh Hoods is off the charts. For both Print and Fabric.

Demon Girl Hoodie by Fresh Hoods.

Is available on Hoodies. There is no fabric color choice as this is printed using the Sublimation technique. The review breakdown is as follows:
Till My Last Breath Shirt Design by EnchantedWhispers.

Till My Last Breath Shirt Design Review.

TheĀ Till My Last Breath shirt design is for the romantics, especially the Goth ones.

Conceptually, this is not the most original piece. Skulls (Death), Roses, and beautiful women can be seen together in countless art pieces now and throughout art antiquity. But this one is damn good. The couple's embrace being the focus of the design.

As for the artwork, I like it but it could be a lot better. First, the shading is realistic and consistent. Second, the colors fit the classic love and death theme. Third, this design has emotion captured well. Even the skeleton is happy despite being dead. But this design does not work for all of the Fabric colors offered. Aside from the subjects being cropped suddenly, the border of the design is done poorly. With a DTG printer this "faded" stuff can be printed as a smudge (such as the case here). This design isn't really a good design for a DTG printed tee.

This Till My Last Breath shirt will make a nice gift for the metalheads, as well as horror fans, and the aforementioned romantics IF YOU GET WALL ART such as a poster. But not as a shirt.

As for the print, this is not one of the best examples of a TeePublic shirt and therefore it gets a 3 out of 5 stars. This is not necessarily the fault of the printer but more of the designer's. Although it is possible to print it properly if they play with the settings. But it would probably require a few test prints and that is not profitable. It may not be 100% true to the design thumbnail's tones but it bold and it does include every detail. At least the ones that weren't blurred out.

Overall, it makes a decent casual shirt that fits in anywhere.

Till My Last Breath Shirt Design by EnchantedWhispers.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Many fabric colors are available depending on the style but only Black works for this design. The review breakdown is as follows: