The Errorists Win

The Errorists Win Tee Design Review.

The Errorists Win tee design is for the grammar police and pun lovers. There is no real "design" to this slogan tee. None worth mentioning anyway. Therefore, this will not be much of an art critique. I Will point out it looks like there is a double comma though.

The phrase itself is funny and the message cannot be more important. Errorism really needs to stop. You can identify the Errorist because they are the ones that suck at writing. They Speak Fluent Typonese and come from Typon. Their entire culture is made only to spread error and eyestrain across the globe. A plague on the internet. I may not have the best grammar in the world but I could show my support for the war on errorism and so can you.

The Errorists Win tee phrase is also on children's apparel. So that they may grow up to be smug grammar Nazis too. This tee is great for English Majors, Teachers and anyone that loves to read.

The Errorists Win Tee Design.

Is available on: Tees, Hoodies. Baby Blue For Men's, Heather for Women's fabric colors are mandatory.Navy Blue is the only color for kids' tees. The review breakdown is as follows: