Hide Tee Design by Carbine.

Hide Tee Design Review.

The Hide tee design features a man hiding his face by burying his head in his hands. His torso area drips into nothing in a toxic spectrum.

The concept for the Hide tee design is that the guy hides his face from the world in an effort for his emotions to go unnoticed.

The art work itself is interesting to say the least. I find it difficult to label it as a certain style. Let's start by saying it is a bit moody. First, the shading is good with enough details to set the aforementioned moodiness. It is interesting to point out the pencil and color combination as it might seem unfinished but it is simply for contrast and theme. Next, the drip and or melting effect changes the man's appearance as if he is not only hiding but breaking down and becoming something else entirely. Last, this piece makes you wonder why the man is hiding his face, is he ashamed? Is he afraid? Who knows? On a personal note, I think it would look better with out the sun behind him.

As for the print, the colors are muted compared to the design thumbnail.

Hide Tee Design by Carbine.

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