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Pawsitive Vibes Only T-shirt Design Review.

Pawsitive Vibes Only is a message for raising the vibration featuring a cute grey and white bunny and a orange and white fox.

The concept of this tee shirt is peace and never be negative saying on the top "Pawsitive Vibes Only". The bunny and the fox are each waving and in the middle there is a white little heart, like they are going to hug you. They are saying positive energy is in the air. The Pawsitive vibes only is all about having the right attitude and atmosphere.

As for the artwork it's sort of Kawaii. Firstly, it has some excellent color choices and it just makes the viewer feel happy. Secondly, the white letters are so plain but also right to the point. The font is capped except for the letter i. Thirdly, it looks like they are giving each other high-fives with the heart a between them. The bunny and the fox are probably standing behind a table implied by the horizontal line. Which is a easy trick to get out of having to draw the lower halves of the characters. Personally, got the color Turquois which makes the t-shirt really pop.

This T-Shirt is a wonderful gift to give to girls, ladies and anyone who loves good times.

As for the print, It turned out great as always from Neatoshop. I cannot recommended them enough.

Pawsitive Vibes Only T-shirt Design by NemiMakeit.

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