iEDM Clothing Brand Review.

iEDM Screenshot

iEDM is the leader in Rave and Festival clothing. Their designs are mostly pop culture and space themes as well as conceptual art. However, they are not limited to only those. There is something for everyone.

As for the Print Quality, the prints are vivid and crisp. Being sublimated prints the ink has great coverage and absorbtion, though along the seams there may be missed gaps but that is normal for this technique and really not that noticeable. If the tees are washed inside out in cold water with mild detergent (No Bleach or Harsh Chemicals) and dried on low or allowed to air dry the designs should last years.

The shirt fabric is light and extremely soft. It contours to the body more so than the box style cuts that most brands use. I cannot comment on the Hoodie fabric and print qualities as I have yet to possess one. But the Tees live up to high expectations.

And for the sizing, they tend to run larger than expected with Tees from labeled as XS to XL, Hoodies and Hoodie Dresses starting from S to 3XL. The Medium tees shown look and feel closer to XL maybe bigger so keep that in mind.


How did iEDM get started and what is your brand all about?

iEDM was started by a small group of friends in 2013 who were passionate about the quickly growing Electronic Dance Music scene in the US. The brand is all about freedom of expression and providing unique fashion for people who want to rock a unique style to a music festival or in their day to day life.

What are the iEDM ideals?

We value creating quality clothes that last and look as advertised, this is why all manufacturing is done with each item individually, by hand, in the United States. We value giving back, every holiday season we donate 5% of our holiday profits to St Judes Children's Cancer Hospital.

Who designs the tees?

A team on artists from around the world.

What inspires the tees?

Everything from music and culture, to popular trends and our passion for crafting the perfect festival t-shirt.

How would you classify the tees/designs?

Creative, unique tees that will turn heads and make you stand out, perfect for all shapes and sizes.

What Shipping options do you offer?

We ship globally and offer a selection of shipping options, including free shipping and paid expedited shipping.


The review breakdown of their Sublimated Printed products are as follows: