NegasoniCAN DO IT Hoodie design by hugohugo.

NegasoniCan Do It! Hoodie Design Review.

We Can Do It!

We Can Do It Poster by Howard Miller

TheĀ NegasoniCan Do It! hoodie design is for both fans of Nostalgia and Deadpool.

The concept for the NegasoniCan Do It design is a parody based on the We Can Do It! Poster (Shown above) by J. Howard Miller which was made to support the war efforts of WW2. As for the Deadpool component and a stab at modern society with the overuse and addiction of cell phones.

As for the artwork, it has the 4th wall being broken true to the character of Deadpool. It features vivid Red, Yellow. It has a Pleasantville effect with the Black and White photo surrounded by those colors.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead is shown texting and holding up her finger telling Deadpool to hold on in place of the female riveter. This comes from a scene in the first Deadpool movie.

This is a fun design to be worn at any setting or event such as the almighty Comic-Con.

As for the print, It turned out PERFECT AS ALWAYS from Neatoshop The colors especially the REDS pop which is where most all other POD companies are lacking.

This NegasoniCAN DO IT! hoodie will make a great for any Deadpool and Wartime propaganda fan.

NegasoniCAN DO IT! Hoodie Design by HugoHugo.

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