Breaking Park Tee Design by Donnie.

Breaking Park Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Breaking Park tee design is for the Breaking Bad and South Park fans. Fitting, since the South Park franchise does have a Breaking Bad Easter egg in the South Park: The Stick of Truth video game. This mash up parody is just as funny and awesome, go Butters.

The concept is simply re-imagining the four main South Park kids and their school bus stop with a Breaking Bad theme. As far as mashing up the characters one would need to choose who is who very wisely in order to execute the idea well. Of course Cartman with his similar body shape is Hank Schrader, Kyle as a Heisenberg (based on the hat), Kenny as his own head playing Tortuga's head on a turtle and Stan as Jesse Pinkman (again based on the hat). I'd have to say that Donnie chose the characters very wisely. The background features the Crystal Ship (RV) and the South Park sign has been replaced with a Breaking Park sign for more of a Breaking Bad vibe.

As for the artwork, the style is emulating South Park. The colors and lack of shading is true to that style. The layout is taken from any bus stop scene featuring the South Park boys. The way the Breaking Bad character likenesses were applied does both franchises justice.

Wear this tee to Comic-Cons or in your mom's basement. This is a fifty fifty mash up so fans of both franchises will be happy to add the Breaking Park tee to their collections. This probably isn't appropriate as school clothes for children though since both South Park and Breaking Bad are meant for mature audiences. Wearer and Parental discretion is advised.

Breaking Park Tee Design by Donnie.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops, Posters, Dog T-shirts and Crewnecks. As for the fabric color options there are many choices but no Black for this particular design. Cream color looks the best because of the landscape. The review breakdown is as follows:

I Want To Be Alive Tee Design by Raffiti.

I Want To Be Alive Tee Design Review.

TheĀ I Want To Be Alive tee design is for South Park fans that enjoy watching the X-Files.

This concept based on the character Kenny McCormick and his tendency to get killed in the episodes and the "I Want To Believe" poster that could be seen in "Spooky" Fox Mulder's F.B.I. office. It is also the title of the second feature film installment of the X-Files franchise. As morbid as the concept is, it is based on humor and from the character's point of view, it is a true statement. That makes it a good T-shirt design.

I Want To Believe Poster X-files Mulder's Office

So the artwork is pretty much a straight rip of the actual cartoon character of Kenny, at least I can't see any changes. Therefore, critiquing the art is pointless. The evil and glowing Red eyes on the black vulture thing is a nice touch. Like the other parodies, the "I Want To Believe" concept makes the design funny and worthy as a shirt. Not the actual artwork itself. Because Kenny dying or not wanting to is nothing new and no longer entertains us. This design makes the concept funny again even if only for a brief moment. There are many parodies and mash ups of the I Want To Believe poster and they are usually not worth a damn. But this one is strikes a chord with the cleverness and play on words. It has nice colors and no shading.

This I Want To Be Alive tee would make a great gift for fans who like the X-Files and South Park equally well.

This is a great shirt to wear to a Comic-Con or wherever geekdom can be found.

I Want To Be Alive Tee Design by Raffiti.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. Many fabric color choices are available. The review breakdown is as follows: