Episode 4 A New Formula Tee Design by Ninjaink

Episode 4 A New Formula Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Episode 4 A New Formula tee design is for the Breaking Bad and Star Wars fans.

The concept is more of a parody than it is a mash up. Luckily, because it would just be outright stupid to combine the two as a mashup. Seems like anything and everything is mashed together at some point. With this, 5 of the Breaking Bad characters are spoofing the Star Wars episode 4: A New Hope movie poster (shown below). Walter White is holding up a beaker of his famous blue sky meth instead of Luke Skywalker holding up a lightsaber. Skyler White, holding a cigarette sits at his feet, instead of Princess Leia Organa standing while holding a blaster. Gustavo Fring is the shadowy face in space instead of Darth Vader's trademarked helmet. Instead of R2D2 and C3PO in the background there is Saul Goodman and Jesse Pinkman. An explosion of a 747's replaces the tie fighters as the pink teddy bear free falls from the midair collision. The location is pretty much the same in both scenes a desert landscape give or take a few details depending on the franchise.

Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope Poster

As for the artwork, it is damn good. Almost perfect in fact. Saul Goodman's face has a shadow on the opposite side than everyone else's and that is the only thing wrong with it. To be fair, he is trying to match C3PO's lighting rather than focus on his own creation. I'm not taking away a point for that as I am the only one that would notice or get annoyed by it. FIX IT NINJAINK! The textures in this piece are outstanding. As are the colors. The fact that everything stays true to Breaking Bad is again, a smart move. This is one of the best jobs for capturing the characters' likenesses as Ninajink is not afraid to add any details.

This Episode 4 A New Formula tee will make a nice gift for the Breaking Bad fans. Even some Star Wars fans would appreciate it.

Episode 4 A New Formula Tee Design by Ninjaink.

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