Watercolor Eye Hoodie

Watercolor Eye Hoodie Design Review.

The Watercolor Eye hoodie features a huge eye with drips of almost every color imaginable surrounding it. So, if you like bold then this hoodie is for you.

The concept is Color and perhaps Knowledge. Firstly, think of the all knowing all seeing eye that is associated with "the Illuminati". Secondly, Color is nothing more than light and Light is synonymous with knowledge. Thirdly, think in terms of frequency and information being broadcast via the airwaves or fiber optics. After all, Information is knowledge. Lastly, the eye receives the knowledge, observation is learning.

Alternatively, another possibility as it may seem, is that the eye color itself could even represent the earth. Since Green is the only hue lacking in the surrounding streaks and drips. In that case Blue is the water or the oceans and Green is for land. That would be a little less traditional but would still make sense.

The Art Itself.

As for the artwork, the colors surrounding the eye are Yellow, Orange, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Light Blue and Dark Blue. Even the Black mascara pops out with strong contrast due to the colors being so vivid. Furthermore, it looks like the eye is crying, sort of. Similarly, the colors seem to beam out like rays from the sun. The splatter technique is used liberally. Such as splotches of splattered drops everywhere. Even the back of the hoodie it's like that.

Regarding the fabric, it is the softest hoodie that I have ever felt personally. This is a casual design to be worn anywhere.

As for the print, It turned out flawless.

As a result, this hoodie will make a great gift for The free spirited types. Therefore, I recommend this hoodie to anyone who aims to be different and love to be unique in their own way.

In conclusion, the quality of Fresh Hoods is above and beyond other brands selling the same type of hoodies and designs. While the other brands shown on this site have above average print quality Fresh Hoods is off the charts. For both Print and Fabric.

Watercolor Eye Hoodie by Reverb.

Is available on Hoodies. There is no fabric color choice as this is printed using the Sublimation technique. The review breakdown is as follows:

TECHNICOLOUR REX Tee Design by Elisha Hale


The TECHNICOLOUR REX tee is for dinosaur enthusiasts and perhaps the LGBT alliance supporters as well.

Never have rainbows looked so badass. I didn't even think it was possible. Normally, they are surrounded by happy bears, little blonde girls, or trailing from the butts of unicorns. Here it is a weapon.

At first glance it is like "Holy Crap! What mad scientist thought it would be a good idea to bring back the dinosaurs from extinction and THEN give them freaking superpowers?" Then followed by a sigh relief with the realization that it's just a T-shirt.

The sleeve and shoulder of the tee are often a neglected canvas. Not on this tee, nope not at all. The rainbow spew utilizes the sleeve and any arm and shoulder movement is like controlling the spray. It is also cool that this isn't a perfectly symmetrical design, as all of the Rainbow's weight is on the left leaving the right side completely empty. It is so much more natural looking and interesting this way.

Elisha Hale, made the T-Rex black to contrast with the fabric and the full spectrum of colors in the rest of design.

The TECHNICOLOUR REX design makes for a great casual tee to be worn at museums, Barney on Ice, or while watching parades.

TECHNICOLOUR REX Tee Design by Elisha Hale.

Is available on: Tees, Men's Tanks Phone Cases and Hoodies. Stone color fabric is mandatory for tees and Asphalt is the only choice for hoodies. The neutral colors work well with this multi-color artwork. The review breakdown is as follows: