The Plumber's Closet Tee Design by glenbrogan.

The Plumber’s Closet Tee Design Review.

The Plumber's closet tee design is for the Mario fans who have trouble figuring out what to wear.

The concept for the Plumber's Closet tee is to show all of Mario's known costumes and suits and have him stand before them all indecisive like a woman on a date night. It makes sense that Mario would have a closet this big since he was originally a carpenter. I just want to yell at this shirt "You're a plumber man pick the damn overalls." This character and wardrobe concept has been done with other franchises and at this point in time I am not sure which one was first. If I had to guess I'd say this one was.

As for the artwork, it is illustrated well. Lots of colors and consistent soft shading make this eye catching.The layout is ideal for the gag.

The Plumber's Closet tee will make a nice gift for any Nintendo fan.

This is a good gamer's shirt that fits in anywhere.

The Plumber's Closet Tee Design by glenbrogan.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. A few light fabric colors are available depending on the style. The review breakdown is as follows:

Tanuki Revenge Tee Design by Vintz.

Tanuki Revenge Tee Design Review.

The Tanuki Revenge tee design is for anti-Mario people and the sadistic Mario fans.

The concept is simple and self explanatory. The poor raccoon animal known in Japan as the Tanooki or Tanuki who's skin that Mario and Luigi like to wear in order to give them flying abilities turns the tables. This on makes a gruesome suit out of Mario's skin and has an even more twisted expression of joy on its face. Wait a minute. That's the same smile Mario wears on his face when the roles are reversed. Mario gets what he deserves here because he is one sick son of a bitch.

As for the artwork, it is great. Disturbingly so with sick details like veins and whatnot. The colors and shading are as professional as it gets and the style is the same demented stuff that inspires nightmares and Tim Burton movies.

This is a nice change and break from the normal Nintendo themed tees that flood the market.

This funny shirt is good for any lighthearted occasion and place. Especially where video games are involved. PETA would love it.

Tanuki Revenge Tee Design by Vintz.

Is available on T-shirts. Ice Blue and Silver colored fabric are the only choices. They work well for this design as they double as the color of the sky.

Say No To Drugs Tee Design by Harebrained

Say No To Drugs Tee Design Review.

The Say No To Drugs tee design is for the Super Mario Bros. fans that have a warped sense of humor. As well as the ones that note the drug references in the beloved game series.

Of all the Tanooki Suit themed Super Mario Bros. based designs, this one is my favorite. Maybe it can be considered a parody but it's not that much of a stretch from the actual game. A drug crazed Mario is just going around killing everything and collecting serial killer type trophies (Bowser Skin as a suit). Skeletons and half eaten mushrooms trail behind him with a burning castle in the background. He's covered in blood, somewhat oblivious in his own reality thanks to his altered state of consciousness. He is enjoying himself! It's sick, funny and just plain wrong. I love it.

As for the artwork, it is clean and badass. Great layout and action. The coloring is great and shading isn't needed so there is only a little bit here and there. A Red stroke (outline) surrounds Mario and the troopa shell. Which would make the design stand out on almost any color tee except for a Red one. But that does not matter because this Harebrained chose to only offer Black tees.

This Say No To Drugs tee will make a great for any Mario fan. However, it is not appropriate for kids.

This is a good design to wear whenever you want to make fellow gamers laugh. Wear it anywhere such as to a bar, comic-con, or E3.

Say No To Drugs Tee Design Harebrained.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. Black colored fabric is mandatory but it is the best color for this design so no points will be taken away. The review breakdown is as follows:

Linkooki Tee Design by Arinesart.

Linkooki Tee Design Review.

The  Linkooki tee design is for the true Nintendo fans, the ones that like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. It is a mash up that is great for those gamers who cannot decide which game or character is their favorite out of the two.

The concept is good even if not original. Neither of the men Link or Mario can keep tabs on their women. They are always losing them to some villain and always out trying to rescue them. They might as well be the same character. Imagine questing through the sewers of Hyrule for hours on end.

While there is not much as far as originality with this character since the face is a straight Mario rip, not features of both, the design works. The Mario face is what makes it a Tanooki suit spoof. The paleness and fashion of Link make the blonde Mario acceptable. Without the other Legend of Zelda elements this tee wouldn't have the same impact.

The drawing is clean with no shading as it is not really needed. The colors work well, although a darker green might had been better, in order to contrast with the pale skin more.

This is a good Nintendo themed tee that kids of all ages should love.

This casual shirt is good for wearing anywhere, especially where video games are involved.

Linkooki Tee Design by Arinesart.

Is available on T-shirts. Kiwi Green colored fabric is mandatory, other shades of green would had worked or been nice. The review breakdown is as follows: