Chilling Adventures Hoodie Design by DanielMorris1993

Chilling Adventures Hoodie Design Review.

TheĀ Chilling Adventures hoodie design is based on a teenage witch named Sabrina Spellman who goes on adventures and tries to solve crimes. Her witch life and Her real life get crossed. In this Netflix adaptation, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it turns out to have a much darker story than that of the original Sabrina The Teenage Witch series. Along with her familiar, a black cat named Salem she gets out of some sticky and dire situations. Anyone who loves horror and adventures will love it!

The concept for this Sabrina design is to showcase the revamped attitude of the main character including the darker elements of her persona.

As for the artwork, it is a portrait of Kiernan Shipka, the actress who plays Sabrina Spellman (Not Melissa Joan Hart from the lighthearted series). First, you will notice that she is wearing a witch's attire. Which is her school uniform for this Netflix adaptation. A Red dress, complete with a lace collar. Next, if you are observant, you will see a mirrored Black cat in the bottom of lace collar. Which is a clever touch. Also, she lives in a funeral home named Spellman Mortuary which is referenced in the design as well with a sign. Last, in the background, there is a full moon and some stars.

This is an awesome design to be worn at any setting or event such as Comic-Con or going to the mall.

As for the print, It turned out PERFECT AS ALWAYS from Neatoshop. The colors especially the Red pops which is where all other POD companies are lacking as it is a very difficult color to print.

This Chilling Adventures hoodie will make a great gift for any Sabrina and Archie Comic Fans who like the reboots.

Chilling Adventures Hoodie Design by DanielMorris1993.

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Rick and Porty Shirt Design by LavaLamp

Rick and Porty Shirt Design Review.

TheĀ Rick and Porty shirt design is for the Rick and Morty and Portal fans. They done gone crossover in this one broh.

Let's consider the concept, it is obvious but funny. At first, nothing seems unusual for the pair as they run to other dimensions via portals. But upon closer inspection, the rifts are not the usual Green ones that they are known for producing. Instead, these are the ones from the hit video game Portal, a completely different franchise all together. Thus making this a necessary mash up. Personally, I feel that it should had used the Portal gun from the game rather than Rick's usual portal gun but that is just my humble opinion. However, there is enough here for anyone familiar and observant enough to get the references.

As for the artwork, it is not original by any means nor is it that difficult to illustrate. But the scene does come together well for the concept. For instance, the colors are true to the Rick and Morty series, just as they work well for the Blue and Yellow port holes from Portal. Also, there is a good gradient for fade off for the background, preventing this from being a boring "square" design". So it is aesthetically pleasing. What isn't shown are lasers or whatever is chasing them, which is a disappointment as it could add much to the action of the scene. Or at least provide and explanation. Regardless to the fact that nothing out of the ordinary is really happening I have to go ahead and give the artwork 5 stars just for being awesome. Wubba Lubba dub dub!

As for the print, it is good but the company usually prints better and bolder for the Blue end of the spectrum. There is not enough of an issue to take away any stars though. If you happen to have an issue with your print you could always return it if it is truly defective. This one was printed up in the middle of the 2016 Christmas rush and features a tag rather than being their normal tagless offering.

This Rick and Porty Shirt will make a nice gift for inter-dimensional travel buffs and fans of these franchises. Especially the Rick and Morty fans.

Rick and Porty Shirt Design by LavaLamp.

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