I Was Here Tee by Kooky Love

I Was Here Tee Design Review.

I Was Here tee is cute and funny. It is for coffee lovers, travelers and messy people alike. Not just any messy people, proud messy people. Like a dog marking its territory, this smiling cup wants everyone to know exactly where it has been. It is okay for dogs and cups but when I mark my territory I get arrested, go figure.

The artwork is in a cartoon style and is very lighthearted. Kooky Love did a good job keeping the design simple and clutter free as to not take away from the joke. That is the key to so many great shirt designs, especially his. He should also make a milk carton version for kids.

The I Was Here design makes for a great casual shirt to be worn at coffee shops and airports. Another great thing about this shirt is that you could probably spill coffee on it and it will not matter as it would just blend right in with (and perhaps add to) the design. That is something every coffee drinker can appreciate.

I Was Here Tee Design by Kooky Love.

Is available on: Tees. White fabric is mandatory and it works well with this artwork as it is the easiest color for dark inks to print on and be seen clearly. White also creates the highlighted areas of the design. The review breakdown is as follows: