Triforce and a Little Darkness Tee Design by Perthseus.

Triforce and a Little Darkness Tee Review.

TheĀ Triforce and a Little Darkness tee design is for one of most badass Legend of Zelda tees out there. It features all of the main characters including Dark Link. Each character and their piece of Triforce represent their attribute. Courage for Link, Wisdom for Princess Zelda and Power for Ganon. What about Dark Link? He gets the implied center filled with darkness which touches all three pieces.

This design is awesome!

As for the artwork, the characters are drawn rather well with just enough shading to keep them from looking flat. The coloring is as professional as it gets. The layout is well balanced thanks to the triangle which makes it aesthetically pleasing. This design looks good on virtually every color. My favorites are Black and Green but go ahead and preview it on some other fabric choices and find the one that you like best.

This Triforce and a Little Darkness tee will make the ideal gift for the Zelda fan in your life.

This is a great gamer and fan shirt.

Triforce and a Little Darkness Tee Design by Perthseus.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Many fabric colors are available. The review breakdown is as follows:

It's Dangerous To Go Alone Tee Design by Dan Elijah Fajardo

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone Tee Review.

The It's Dangerous To Go Alone tee is for the hardcore Legend of Zelda fans. It features all of the most important elements from the beloved RPG game in a more realistic view and setting. The use of the Princess's head shape as the frame for the scene really ties the piece and concept together. Like she is always present and watching over Link in a way. The hero aspect is very evident in the mood and imagery. It does not look like it is just some dude walking up to a castle. It looks like a man with a mission is about to risk everything and proceed into a dangerous situation.

The shirt color color becomes one with the artwork as the negative space becomes towering trees. The best tee designs seem to practice this technique which also serves to save on ink cost. Dan really showcases his honed skills as a professional artist. Proven himself as one of the modern masters.

The It's Dangerous To Go Alone design makes for a casual tee perfect for gaming and roaming the streets. It is only available in Men's, Women's apparel. Which blows chunks, as plenty of kids are fans of The Legend of Zelda series and would love to add this tee to their collection.

It's Dangerous To Go Alone Tee Design by Dan Elijah Fajardo.

Is available on: Tees, Phone Cases, Wall Art. Olive colored fabric is mandatory as it is an appropriate Link themed color and as aforementioned, part of the design itself. The review breakdown is as follows:

Cucco Sriracha Tee by Blair Campbell

Cucco Sriracha Tee Design Review.

The Cucco Sriracha tee design is a Legend of Zelda fan and foodie dream tee.

It depicts a cucco from the Legend of Zelda universe as the logo for a mashup with the famous Sriracha sauce which would typically show a rooster instead.

If you are like most food geeks then you are probably familiar with the Sriracha Sauce brand and more than likely you put in on everything. Either to improve something's flavor, to give it a kick, or to hide the taste of the actual food.

If you are a Hyrulian, then you know that you do not mess with the Cucco, cause they will eff you up quicker than anything else in the game. Those birds aren't chicken, they are fierce and full of fowl play.

The art is clean, simple and spot on. The phrases on the label add to the Hyrulian fun. Such as "Do not Hit", "Don't Shake", "Anju the Cucco Lady Inc." and "Kakkariko Village, Hyrule".

Blair Campbell, executed this design flawlessly and must be a fan of both franchises.

At first glance, people might actually miss that this is a Legend of Zelda reference as it mashed up so perfectly it passes as the legit Sriracha sauce.

Cucco Sriracha Tee Design.

Is available on: Tees. Red fabric color is mandatory and it is the only color that will work with this design. The review breakdown is as follows: