The Beer King Tee Design Review.

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The Beer King Tee Design by Firebeard.

The Beer King Tee Design by Firebeard.

Reviewed by: Lucky

5 Stars


The Beer King tee design is a mashup or parody featuring Bender from Futurama holding up a mug of beer over the iconic cliff from The Lion King.

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 The Beer King tee design is for Futurama fans and those that have fond memories of The Lion King.

For the concept, The Beer King tee design parodies Disney's most famous Lion King scene by having Bender from Futurama holding up a bottle of beer as if it was the new born king. There is no real originality as Firebeard does not own the rights to either Futurama or The Lion King. Bender is like a straight ripped copy with no edits or alterations as a true parody would have to avoid copyright infringement. Bender is simply Bender. Not that I really care, I am just commenting on the originality and creativity aspects. But the mashing up of the two franchises is cool and make for a funny concept.

As for the artwork, the coloring is good with some tricky shading that could fool the eyes into thinking that it is wrong. It isn't perfect but I wouldn't go as far as to call it "wrong". The only area that really needs fixed is Bender's left arm. As for the glass beer mug, there is a concave on the bottom of the beer mug that is why it has shading there as there is a side to a ridge. Plus the background shows through the mug as it is drawn as transparent.

This is one of many Lion King parodies and ranks up there with some of the best.

I'm not much of a Disney fan but I enjoy the Hell out of Futurama. This design is funny and suitable as a Futurama tee as any Earthican would agree..

The Beer King Tee Design by Firebeard.

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