Pine Forest Mountain Summer Surf Camp Tee Design By Limhengs.

Pine Forest Mountain Summer Surf Camp Tee Design Review.

The Pine Forest Mountain Summer Surf Camp tee design features a picturesque view of a campsite in a pine forest.

The concept for this design is very Bob Ross-like. Just like a few other designs that were reviewed recently. For starters, there are lots of happy little trees everywhere and beautiful lake that is serene. As well as a campsite that looks like a perfect escape from society. Finally, though, the reflection in the lake looks to be of mountains which is different that the scene above the lake. To be honest I am not sure what is going on here, it looks cool but the intent is beyond me. Gotta dig the simple waves and tide though of the beach. That is the charm of this design, it rolls up all the various types of landscapes mentioned into one unlikely scene.

As for the artwork, the style and colors are simple and bold. The Yellow tent contrasts well with all of the overlapping Blues and Greens. There isn't an overly abundant amount of details to detract from the landscape so that is a plus.

As for the print and the price, this design is a bit muted. It's not horrible but it doesn't match the thumbnail. Therefore the price takes a hit slightly too as a result. It's not a bad tee by any means just not their best work.

Pine Forest Mountain Summer Surf Camp Tee Design By Limhengs.

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