Hi. If you didn't receive your item or were charged for something that you never ordered guess what, it wasn't me or from this blog. You meant to bitch at They are of No affiliation with this blog whatsoever. They ripped off and leech off my domain name. It stings and I've lost traffic and I get constant complaints thanks to that jerk. So please, send your complaints and threats there and not to me. I'm sick of the harassing emails. This hosted domain is a blog with affiliate links and sponsors. I do not sell my own products or process orders of ANY KIND. This is not a store. If my site looks completely different than the site that you ordered from then it's obviously not my blog that you have issues with. For everyone else, that's not sending me complaints and cussing at me for stuff that I didn't do. Hi and Welcome I appreciate you. For all other inquiries: Email: Lucky at teefetch dot com