Print Comparison: Redbubble Vs NeatoShop Vs TeePublic 2021.

Redbubble Vs NeatoShop Vs TeePublic DTG Print Quality Comparison. I ordered these particular samples in this comparison myself. As a disclaimer, I will state that I am an affiliate of NeatoShop and TeePublic. I used to be affiliated with Redbubble. Redbubble bought BustedTees/Teepublic a few years ago. Their business models utilize regional contracted print shops to fulfill their orders. Their quality varies and is luck of the draw. NeatoShop is all done in-house from Oregon and their quality is consistent. The images are taken directly from my Samsung NX500 camera. No editing of the tone or contrast or color. Even though Auto Tone with Auto Contrast seems to look truer to life to my eyes. Also, my camera thinks it's 2015 for some reason and I have yet to find the setting to change it. Never used or needed the function. I assure you that these photos were taken mid-Sept 2021.

Redbubble Vs NeatoShop Vs TeePublic 2021.

Redbubble uses the Direct to Garment printing technique only and does not have Screen Printing. While their tees are usually slightly above the industry average for DTG quality they do not surpass all of their DTG competitors. This sample is not great but it is not the worst that I have seen from Redbubble. Most of the time you can usually find the same pop culture designs elsewhere such as NeatoShop, but they do have artsy tees as well that may not be available anywhere else. That is the niche advantage of shopping at Redbubble. Their Pop Culture tees are dwindling much like TeePublic. NeatoShop does not have Screen Printed shirts as they specialize in Direct To Garment printing only. Their DTG printed T-shirts are the best in the Print On Demand industry to date that I have personally seen. TeePublic uses the Direct to Garment printing technique only and does not have Screen Printing. While their tees are usually slightly above the industry average for DTG quality they do not surpass all of their DTG competitors. This tee looks better than samples from the past. In the past, Items I have received around Christmas time appear to have been made of lower quality to keep up with the commercial demand of the holiday. So low that the designs washed off after a few loads of laundry. Since this tee was ordered closer to Labor Day that should not be an issue. This Tee appears to be of higher quality than anything I have received from them in the past. TeePublic is a mix of niches but the Pop Culture stuff seems to be disappearing. At least the unlicensed stuff.
About The Designs
It used to be that most of the designs that you see on the Limited Edition Shirt-of-the-Day type sites (featured on the TeeFetch homepage) could be found at these three sites eventually. If you are looking for the Pop Culture Niche then NeatoShop is your best bet.

Redbubble Vs NeatoShop Vs TeePublic Side by Side Comparisons 2021.

Redbubble Vs NeatoShop Vs TeePublic Here are the Thumbnails of the artwork for all three sites.

Redbubble Vs NeatoShop Vs TeePublic 2021 Rundown

All three of the Tee blanks were the basic Classic Black tees from each company. Redbubble uses Gildan, NeatoShop uses NextLevel Apparel, and TeePublic uses Bella Canvas.
Third Place
Redbubble came in third place for this print. It is better than what some POD companies provide but it is not the level it should be in 2021. The colors are correct and true to their thumbnail but appear to be watered down and muted in comparison to both the NeatoShop and the TeePublic printed versions. This is not only due to not adjusting the contrast but also because they do not apply as much ink. Making their print much lower quality than the other two brands. I've had both better and worse prints from Redbubble. Let's call this average. 3 Stars. I won't waste our time with more Redbubble comparison images in this review.
Second Place
For second place, I'd give it to TeePublic. This print is very good. Nice contrast, and vibrant color. Not really anything to complain about at all. It is a lower resolution image and therefore a bit blurrier but the ink is good. It is also a slightly larger print. The enlargement of the lower resolution resulted in blurriness. They did adjust the contrast compared to their thumbnail. It's the best that I have received from them. There is a blotchy spot and missing "pixels" here and there but nothing major. Let's say 4.5 Stars.
First Place
For the first place, that leaves NeatoShop. This print is Excellent. Look closely at the highlights on the lips and the overall contrast. They also adjusted the contrast compared to their thumbnail. While the colors are more vivid and bolder, that contrast gives it a visual edge. A crisp higher resolution image results in a clean and clear print. TeePublic's highlights are more subtle due to blurriness whereas NeatoShop is more accented. I also prefer the Green on the weapon more as it is closer to the military Drab Green. There is a missing "pixel" but nothing blotchy and nothing major. This is a universal issue with all printers and brands out there. Unusual for NeatoShop. Regardless, let's give this print a solid 5 stars. NeatoShop Vs TeePublic Side By Side

TeePublic Vs NeatoShop Closeups

It was a tough choice deciding between NeatoShop and TeePublic this time. It was almost a tie.
Imperfections and Defects Explained.
To explain further, the missing pixel(s) is basically a shirt defect as opposed to a print defect. There go, it's not easy to spot that during production, because the defect almost always occurs AFTER the shirt arrives at the customer's house, or even after the shirt is laundered. Therefore, I don't hold this against any brand. Basically, what happens is there's a small cotton speck that adheres to the surface of the shirt. So when the shirt is printed, the ink adheres to the surface of the speck, not the shirt. When the shirt is jostled inside the poly mailer envelope (or after the shirt is washed), the speck detached from the shirt and you get a blank spot where that speck used to be. As you can see, the speck can be quite small so it's tough to see. As for blotches, said specks could roll while wet imprinting on the tee. Also, in the worst cases, the printer nozzles clog up and they can spit out a clump randomly onto the shirt as parts move through the process. Temperature fluctuations and other unforeseen things can even contribute to this, not just the lack of proper maintenance. I wouldn't complain about this personally. As many shirts as I get and as rare as this is. It happens. In other words, even the government allows a certain amount of rat hair in food. If there is a true defect, NeatoShop will replace the tee. Customer satisfaction is their main priority. Redbubble ceases to impress me with its current setup. When they first came out they were the top dog. TeePublic will work with you if certain conditions are being met.

Redbubble Vs NeatoShop Vs TeePublic 2021 Conclusion.

Skip Redbubble, their prints aren't worth the money. Especially, if you can get the design at NeatoShop. Redbubble's sublimated prints should still be okay. And for Pop Culture-based designs don't last on their site long due to various legal issues such as DMCA notices. If print quality matters to you here are the decisive points. If bright Greens are more important than bright Reds for your designs and taste go with TeePublic. If you prefer crisp images with brighter and bolder Reds instead of bright and bolder Greens go with NeatoShop. I personally prefer NeatoShop. I rate DTG (digital Direct To Garment) on its own merits and I do not compare it to Screen Printing which is also based on its own merits. Both printing methods have their pros and cons. This one has been a DTG Brand Vs DTG Brand Vs DTG Brand print quality review.
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