• Why T-shirts?

The global market for the custom t-shirt printing industry is expected to cross 10 billion USD by the year 2025. There are countless designers out there trying to make it in the graphic design world. The T-shirt industry is a great but highly competitive niche. Designers are always looking for ways to promote their work. Which is difficult to keep up with when considering all of the other aspects one needs to do to be successful. Our goal is to make it easier for everyone involved from the designers, retailers, webmasters, and shoppers.

  • What sort of designs can I expect to find here?

Possibly any and every type of design. Pop Culture, Geek and Gamer, Artsy, Typography, Attitude and Offensive. If it is design based and not part of any hate group propaganda or does not promote violence or any other illegal activity then a design might end up here.

  • Where do the designs come from?

Online and offline retailers, Out of home businesses and start-ups, a few print on demand type sites. If the tee impresses us or looks like someone would like it then we will add it to the site. This could be as a review, gallery image or perhaps both.

  • What are Shirt-A-Day Sites?

These are the sites that make up the bulk of the images on our homepage for shoppers' convenience. We do our best to update these graphics the moment that their corresponding retailers change their Shirt-A-Day image.

Shirt-A-Day Sites offer Limited Edition T-shirts which typically sell only one t-shirt at a time, usually for between 24-96 hours (hence limited edition) depending on the site. These sites actively support independent and freelance designers. These designs may be available elsewhere online – for example print-on-demand services such as NeatoShop (We are a member of NeatoShop's Affiliate program)  or other Shirt-A-Day Sites. These limited edition sites offer excellent value with prices ranging from $10-$15.

Daily Deal T-shirt sites are those sites that offer one of the shirts from their catalog each day at a substantially discounted rate. These sites also provide excellent value, with prices ranging from $6.99 – $15.00, but designs may be more mainstream and they do not necessarily support independent designers. If you know of other sites, please contact us.

  • Do you get paid for featuring these shirts?

Yes, through Ads and Affiliate links. Most of the links are "affiliate links." This means that TeeFetch will receive a small commission if you click on and purchase the item. Nevertheless, TeeFetch only recommend products and services that We personally believe in and use. This disclosure is in accordance with the FTC's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.".

  • I have or know of a  great t-shirt design. Can I submit it to you for review consideration?

Absolutely. If you have a t-shirt printed and it is available online go for it.  We will not feature all items, as we curate for quality assurance. Please contact us and we will consider featuring it.

  • What is the history of the t-shirt?

To answer this click History of the T-shirt.

  • I find some t-shirts here to be offensive. Who can I contact about this?

No one. We do not own or design the tees. If you want to complain or compliment a design the Designer's information is often posted in a design review (if the tee gets one). It is impossible to please everyone and some people like offensive tees. These "offensive" tees  are not designed as personal attacks but are intended as generic insults or jokes towards a particular issue. Just move on to the tees that you do like and enjoy and let other people have their warped sense of fun as long as they are not out hurting anyone.

  • How come you don't show a retailer's or brand's tees for free anymore?

Just isn't worth it for us anymore with the headaches and annoyances. People get butt hurt if we choose not to show or review their tees, or website, or brand. They want to know why do we choose another brand, tee, or designer instead. The only fair way is to charge for this service. Our opinions will still be expressed good or bad but as far as we see it very accurately. Showing stuff for free competes against the brands that do pay us and it competes against things that we make a commission off of. Would you work for free or limit your income? No? Then why would you expect anyone else to do it? Our site, Our time, Our labor.

  • How can I make my own shop or sell my designs online?

Visit our Shopkeeper Resources page and that should help you get a great start.

  • Does Tee Fetch print or sell tees as an independent shop or retailer?

Nope, at least not yet. We are not a clothing brand. We are simply a humble website/blog that delivers T-shirt information to the masses.