TShirt Laundry Tee Brand Review.

TShirt Laundry Tee Brand Screen Shot

TShirt Laundry Tee Brand is one of the leading Pop Culture themed T-Shirt brands on the internet. Their stuff can be seen on all sorts of media such as Television, Magazines, and various websites. They tend to focus on the really strong fandoms such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Firefly, Breaking Bad, Friday etc. They also have random design like the Sleigher shirt shown above. They have some of the funniest designs out there.

As for Print Quality, the prints are nice and do not wash out after the first wash like some brands do. They even print Red with no muting unlike most of the DTG brands out there. They use the Gildan brand of shirt blanks which are on par with say Hanes and Fruit of The Loom as far as what to expect especially where comfort is a concern. J-America is the brand of blanks for the hoodies. They are both made to last.

As for the sizing, you need to contact them if you want larger than 2XL. But they do offer it. Therefore, I changed the review from 4.5 to 5 stars because they do meet this demand. However, they still do not offer kid sizes.

TShirt Laundry Interview:

How did Tshirt Laundry Tee Brand get started and what is your brand all about? · Tshirt Laundry is the brainchild of a tiny marketing firm outside of Chicago. We got our start in 2009, and have been creating and having fun ever since. Our brand is essentially for all the weirdos out there! We love designing shirts inspired by our favorite video games, movies, TV shows, and whatever’s going on in the world. We love all things geeky and weird! What are the Tshirt Laundry ideals? · Tshirt Laundry believes in the highest quality illustrations on the highest quality tees. We hope to represent our fellow geeks & weirdos with our designs, and to create shirts that you love to wear! Who designs the tees? · As far as brainstorming new ideas, the whole team works together to come up with t-shirt concepts. After that, we have a few designers on staff who bring all of our creative and funny ideas to life. What inspires the tees? · Here at Tshirt Laundry, we’re incredibly inspired by pop culture, and certainly all things “geeky”. We’re fans of a huge variety of TV shows, video games, and movies – and they definitely inspire our designs. We’re also huge fans of puns – sorry not sorry! How would you classify the tees? · We would describe our tees as geeky, gamer, funny, and pop culture shirts. We’re all about the puns, and making our fans laugh – so we strive to do that with a lot of our shirts.

TShirt Laundry Tee Brand.

The review breakdown of their DTG Printed products are as follows:

Arm The Animals Logo

Arm The Animals Tee Brand Review.

Arm The Animals Tee Brand

Arm The Animals Tee Brand is a charitable business that supports Animal Rights. Meaning that a portion of the proceeds goes to various charities supporting that cause.

As for the Print Quality, the shirts and fleece that we have are printed slightly above the average Direct To Garment digital prints and are on par with ones that you would find at sites such as Redbubble.

This is a print to order type of business so the turn around time is usually great. Here is their shipping policy in their own words:

Shipping Policy

"We run most online orders on a “print to order basis” and we begin fulfillment as soon as possible. We buy blanks, produce, QC, and ship every day of the week and we can turn most orders in 5-7 business days. We are always working on this process to make it faster and more efficient and each quarter, we can get our orders out a day or two quicker. "

Arm The Animals Tee Brand Interview:

How did Arm The Animals Tee Brand get started and what is your brand all about?

Arm The Animals was born from tragedy in 2010 as an attempt to express the inexpressible. Created following the untimely death of my sister (who a lifelong animal advocate and “pet parent” to a dozen rescues), Arm The Animals would serve as a living tribute and means of carrying on a legacy that was ended too soon. It all started as an emotional reaction and a hobby, but thankfully, it took and has evolved into the brand you see today.

What are the ATA ideals?

Our ideals are really simple: Make killer tees and make an impact on the welfare of as many animals in need as possible. We want to be the voice of people out there who are not extremists, but truly care about animal welfare. We like to send a strong message via imagery and up to this point, we think we have done a good job of that. Charitable cause are really personal and subjective, but we see millions of animals in need and we just want to help as best we can. Our company motto is, “Speak for the Speechless & Defend the Defenseless”, so that’s the basic credo all of our designs speak to.

Who designs the tees?

95% of all designs are done in house and by myself or RJ Ochoa. We try to do as much in-house as possible, but about 2 years ago, we began reaching out and using a small network of artists from around the world. We have released items featuring art from Thailand, The Philippines Australia, The UAE, Ukraine and more. We really like the idea of getting a new, “Global take” on our concepts, which can be tough to do from inside the company. We have also had guest artists come and work in the office with us for weeks at a time; Franz Garcia (http://franzdg.blogspot.com/) & Tony Koehl (http://www.sketchthesoul.com/featured/they-died-not-knowing-tony-koehl.html) made major contributions to our releases over the past 2 years in particular.

What inspires the tees?

We have been inspired by making an impact on the general welfare of animals, but certain instances also influence us. For example, when Cecil the lion was killed last year, it inspired a hugely successful design that raised over $12,000 for the ZCTF, who patrols the area where Cecil was killed. Originally, ATA started as just a hobby to help cat/dog shelters and it has now mushroomed into covering all animals of all types. So many species are facing extinction and plight that there is no shortage of inspiration and when it all comes together, like it did with Cecil, the results are amazing!

How would you classify the tees?

We’re actually proud that there is no clear classification for our tees; I mean, they are graphic tees, but you can’t simply say they are high fashion, or hipster, or beach life inspired or political, etc. To us, they are all that… Animal welfare cuts across every demographic on the planet, so we’re lucky to be able to appeal to so many different kinds of people. This isn’t easy, but it is a good problem to have in our estimation.

When we researched animal welfare tees back in 2010 when we started the company - all we found was kittens and butterflies, or blood and guts - with nothing in between for the every man or every woman out there. We wanted to make tees for people who are pissed and care about animals and want to show it - so that’s what we attempted to do. We have had any kind of person you could imagine support us and have even seen three generations of a family all buy a different shirts from us at an event. That’s something special and it’s not something a ton of brands can pull off.

Arm The Animals Tee Brand.

The review breakdown of their DTG Printed products are as follows:

TeePublic Logo

TeePublic Tee Brand Review.

Their Quality score has since gone down hill, as the prints wear out fast. So figure a 2.5 to 3 star. 7/31/2019 TeePublic Tee Brand

TeePublic Tee Brand is one of the newest or most recent Print On Demand T-shirt sites using the Direct To Garment Digital Printing method and they are of the high quality. It is owned by the popular tee brand BustedTees. Most of their designs cover the same Pop Cultures bases as all of the other Shirt A Day and Limited Edition T-shirt Brands out there. But there are some artistic tees that stand out as well. They are a respectable Print on Demand site.

As for Print Quality, The shirts and hoodies that I have still hold up after months of regular wear and washing. So if you miss your chance at a Limited Edition print run, you may find the design here as a Digital Printed tee. They do tend to print the Blue end of the spectrum better than they do the Red end. This is not to say that their prints look bad, just don't expect vibrant Reds or for any Red on the printed product to match the product thumbnails on their website.

This is a print to order type of business so the turn around time is usually great. Here is their shipping policy in their own words:


Return/exchange policy?

Apparel purchased on TeePublic Tee Brand is custom made and printed just for you. We can not offer returns unless the shirt is defective.

We do offer exchanges for sizing issues. Please send us an email at contact page and we can set that up for you.

Art prints, posters, canvas prints, and cases are also custom made so we cannot offer returns or exchanges unless it is defective. If your print or case order is defective please contact us

at customer support team with a picture of the damaged print.

Domestic shipping options

DHL 7-10 Business Days

DHL Expedited 6-8 Business Days

UPS 4-7 Business Days

UPS 2-5 Business Days

Please note, all DHL shipments will be transferred to and delivered by your local post office,/p>

Do you ship internationally and what are your shipping options?

Yes! We ship to most countries on the planet. We offer:

DHL Budget 7-14 Business Days, no tracking

DHL Local Post 7-14 Business Days, full tracking (this option is only in available for select countries)

All orders will be transferred to and delivered by your local post office.


You can even open up your own Teepublic tee shop and start making money selling your designs.

TeePublic Tee Brand.

The review breakdown of their DTG Printed products are as follows:

NeatoShop Logo

NeatoShop Tee Brand Review.

NeatoShop is one of the newest or most recent Print On Demand T-shirt sites using the Direct To Garment Digital Printing method and they are of the highest quality. It is owned by the popular blog NeatoRama. Most of their designs cover the same Pop Cultures bases as all of the other Shirt A Day and Limited Edition T-shirt Brands out there. They are my favorite for the Print on Demand sites. The shirts and hoodies that I have still look vibrant after a couple of years of regular wear and washing. So if you miss your chance at a Limited Edition print elsewhere, try NeatoShop first. Their prints always look fantastic, even the Red ink which the competition does not even come close to replicating.
Print Area on a 5XL tee from NeatoShop

Print Area on a 5XL tee from NeatoShop

This is a print to order type of business so the turn around time is usually great. Here is their shipping policy in their own words:
"In most cases, your order will be packed and shipped out our doors within a few days. Sometimes it does take longer when we're jammed, especially during holidays, so please don't wait till the last minute to order! If you want faster delivery, we do offer Priority Mail, Express Mail, UPS Next Day and UPS Second Day Air. Those orders also get priority printing. If you live outside of the United States, your package will be shipped by postal airmail. In most countries, postal service is very quick and reliable - the slow step is usually customs clearance. Because the rate of custom clearance varies from country to country, we cannot give a definite time frame of delivery. Standard international shipping may take 2 to 10 weeks, and if your package is held for customs inspection, it may take a few weeks longer. You can choose expedited shipping methods for international destinations. These usually take about 1 to 2 weeks to be delivered, subject to customs delay. Because customs clearance is outside our control, we are unable to provide time-definite delivery guarantee for both standard and expedited international shipping."
If you qualify you can even open up your own shop and start making money selling your designs.

NeatoShop Tee Brand.

The review breakdown of their DTG Printed products are as follows:
Design By Humans logo

Design By Humans Tee Brand Review

Design By Humans Screen Shot

Design By Humans Interview.

How did Design By Humans get started and what is your brand all about?

Design By Humans opened its doors in 2007 with the vision of giving artists a platform to share their art with the world. At the time, daily contests allowed artists to submit their work to be voted on by fans. The winning design would be printed and become available for purchase.

Though democratic in nature, the idea of selling just one winning T-Shirt every day simply wasn’t ideal. We wanted more artists to have the chance to sell their work. Fast forward to 2015: Artists can now sell their artwork from their own branded storefront. Our artist network now includes over 15,000 from around the globe.

In addition, we use a print-on-demand format, allowing the artists to offer more designs on a diverse set of product types and colors to their fans. We still love T-Shirts, but being able to offer options like hoodies, tank tops and phone cases gives our artists more canvases on which to work.

What are the DBH ideals?

Design By Humans aims to empower artists by providing them with a platform to display and sell their work. Their “canvases” (i.e. T-Shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, art prints and phone cases) are always of the highest quality, a commitment we take seriously. Every garment we sell is hand-selected and guaranteed to be sweatshop and child labor-free, and the inks we use are water-based and phthalate-free.

Design By Humans relentlessly pursues new ways to bring art to life through new screen-printing and digital printing techniques. We are obsessed with apparel innovation.

DBH stands behind our artists and jumps at any opportunity to promote them. We highlight artists through our social channels and artist interviews, and actively search for fans wearing their amazing art. We push artists to participate in contests and monthly design challenges, and connect brands with our artists when the opportunity to create for licensed apparel arises.

In addition, DBH offers artists industry-leading royalties for their work. Their work is the life of our business. Without them, we would be just another generic T-Shirt company. But because we attract the highest caliber artists from around the world, we’re afforded some of the best wearable artwork you’ll find!

Who designs the tees?

Over 15,000 artists from around the globe contribute their amazing art to the “T-Shirt ecosystem” that is Design By Humans. We’ve created an amazing community of artists and art lovers alike, and given them a canvas -- and a platform -- to show and sell their work.

In addition, Design By Humans works closely with a diverse and talented group of hand-picked artist on special projects and collections, and is constantly seeking out top talent in building an in-house team of artists.

What inspires the tees?

Though we can’t speak to what inspires our community of artists, we can speak to the diversity of subjects for which they choose to create art. Artists design for categories ranging from abstract art to typographical pieces; from animals to people; from retro to modern.

Pop culture is an expansive category that can encompass subjects derived from television and movies to music and parody. Design By Humans is taking big strides to capture the gaming market as well, creating licensed art for major games and streamers alike.

How would you classify the tees?

To classify our tees, you could easily take a look at the impressive range of categories, shops and collections found at Design By Humans. Some of our categories include: Abstract, Animals, Characters, Food & Drink, Funny, Gamer, Horror, Music, Nature, Pop Culture and more.

In addition, we’ve created shops and collections based on subject matter. We’re excited to include Star Wars, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Diablo III, and Assassin’s Creed Unity among our long list of licensed shops that feature official artwork. We’re always adding new shops and collections to the site as well.

Our latest initiative is gaming and eSports. We love gaming, first and foremost. If we’re not working, there’s a good chance we’re gathered around a console or streaming on the DBH Twitch account. As such, we’re pushing hard to become the leader in gaming and streaming apparel.

We support triple-A gaming titles, top-tier eSports teams like Evil Geniuses and scores of popular Twitch and YouTube Gaming streamers by offering custom branded apparel and storefronts, and access to our artist community and in-house art team.

Design By Humans provides the below shipping services. Please note not all services are available for each product type and all delivery time frames are estimates. Actual delivery time frames may vary due to weather, service delays, holidays etc. Free Standard shipping is available for apparel only on orders that have an after-discount subtotal value of $75.00 or more. Domestic shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico or any other location outside the Continental United States may take longer than expected due to their locations.

Domestic Services

USPS First Class Mail (6-10 business days)

USPS Priority Mail (2-4 business days)

FedEx SmartPost (7-18 business days)

FedEx Ground/Home Delivery (2-5 business days)

FedEx Express Saver (3 Business Days)

FedEx 2Day (2 Business Days)

FedEx Priority Overnight (Next Business Day)

International Services

(Duties and Taxes Unpaid)

USPS International Economy (Average Delivery Time: 1-6 Weeks)

FedEx International Mail (Average Delivery Time: 1-4 Weeks)

FedEx International Priority (Average Delivery Time: 2-9 business days)

The Design By Humans products that we own have lasted years, both the prints and the fabric. Please note, that they do a better job printing on the Blue side of the spectrum than they do with the Red side. But that is the case with most (But not all) POD's.

Design By Humans Brand

Offers Print On Demand shirts with various design types. The review breakdown of their Direct To Garment Printed tees are as follows: