How To Choose A Shop Name.

How To Choose A Shop Brand Name and Domain. Carefully. That's how. Consider your competitors' choices for theirs and try to do better. Consider the targeted audience, is there a jargon term that would help lure them into your site?
    You want to choose a brand name (shop name) that is at the beginning of the alphabet for directory purposes.  If not "A" then "B" try to avoid numbers as letters and numbers in general. Though, is an exception. 
  • You want a name that is relevant to your product and theme.
  • The shorter the name the better.
  • It has to be original.
  • Simplicity, something people can remember and easy to spell.
  • Check the spelling.
Easier said than done right? It is a challenge. But worth it if you succeed at this task. This combined with the SEO tips is a powerful arsenal to have.