Night Watch Bros. Tee Design by BazNet.

Game of Bros. Tee Design Review.


The Game of Bros. tee design is for Game of Thrones and Super Mario Bros. fans that can't can't get enough of either.

Keeping your land safe from the white skinned walking dead can be seen as a grueling battle with yourself and the elements, or it can be seen as a game best played with iron and fang. You can always rely on your bros to help you through even the most difficult winter conditions, and when others arrive to take your extra lives it’s time to punch blocks and prepare for the winter coming to your console. Whether you decide to vie for the throne or simply achieve a high score you’re going to need the proper gear to survive the winter, like this Game of Bros. t-shirt by BazNet!

This a cool mashup and one of the better ones for both Super Mario Bros. and Game of Thrones. An 8-Bit Night's Watch if you will as it has enough references to make any fan happy. A Crow, Jon Snow, Ghost, Samwell Tarly, a White Walker and a Stark sigil.

As for the artwork, the coloring consisting of Black, White, Blue, Brown and Peach like Skin tones and winter aspects for the Game of Thrones element and no shading to match the Super Mario Bros. design style.

This Game of Bros. tee would make a great gift for the fans of both franchises. It is like buying them 2 gifts in 1. It will satisfy the GOT fans that grew up playing the old school NES.

Game of Bros. Tee Design by BazNet.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. Black or Charcoal colored fabric are the only choices. Black fabric will mean losing some details to the background so Charcoal is recommended. The review breakdown is as follows: