Flying Solo Tee Design by oakenspirit.

Flying Solo Tee Design Review.

The Flying Solo tee design is for the Star Wars and The Legend Of Zelda fans.

The concept for the Flying Solo tee is actually very funny. It is a parody of The Legend of Zelda "It's dangerous to go alone take this." (shown below) where Han Solo holds up Chewbacca like Link holds up his sword. It is goofy as Hell but it is true to a point. Han needs the wookie. Chewbacca has always had Han's back and fans could argue that Han wouldn't last solo.

Alone Take This. Screen Shot.

As for the artwork, it is very simple and pixelated in the same style as the original NES game. The colors are good for what it is. Although choosing a contrasting background that shows both the characters and the font well without losing body parts into obscurity is a bit daunting. Some scenery would had improved this some, to be more like the Legend of Zelda screen shot.

The Flying Solo is for all Link and Han fans regardless of age. It doesn't get any more old school than this.

Flying Solo Tee Design by oakenspirit.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts, Posters and Dog T-shirts. Many fabric colors are available (But no Black). The review breakdown is as follows: Dark Chocolate, Black and White are the only fabric color choices, more options would had been nice. The review breakdown is as follows: