Waiting For My Fish Tee Design by NARNIAZ

Waiting For My Fish Tee Design Review.

The Waiting For My Fish tee design is a cat lovers perfect shirt. Done in a surreal art style with an iridescent-like coloring for the fur.

Waiting For My Fish is a cute and playful tee that stands out from countless feline themed shirts. The bold bright colors give this artwork a modern vibe. The space elements of the stars and moon along with the globe-like eyes that lure the viewer in, make this tee seem otherworldly and trippy.

As weird as this tee is, the attention to details and coloring go far beyond what is usually called for a shirt. Where the whiskers overlay the fur to the texture of the ground, NARNIAZ did an outstanding job on those points.

The design does look a little square as the borders do not fade off into the shirt fabric with any subtlety, but it does not have straight edges which is a plus.

This design makes for a great casual shirt to be worn anywhere. Especially, at a cat show.

Waiting For My Fish Tee Design by NARNIAZ.

Is available on: Tees, Phone Cases and Wall Art. Black fabric is mandatory and it works well with this artwork as it can mimic the night sky and provides great contrast. It also provides the color for the shading. The review breakdown is as follows: