Your Favorite Plumber Tee Design.

Your Favorite Plumber Tee Design Review.

The Your Favorite Plumber tee design is for realists and Nintendo fans. Super Mario Bros. Fans particularly.

This concept is of course pointing out the fact that Mario is supposed to be a plumber by trade and not a superhero. Here he is doing a mundane job. While funny, it is still screwed up when considering that his first appearance was in Donkey Kong as a Carpenter. Anyway, you can see lots of Mario references other than just a view of his backside. 1-Up, Fire Flower, Bob-omb, a Potted Piranha Plant and a Question Box.

The Your Favorite Plumber design is also on children's apparel. Maybe in order to change their unrealistic expectations of what a plumber actually does for a living.

The artwork, it is a cartoon as to be expected, with good primary and secondary colors that are complementary rather than clashing. Adequate shading and highlights with some illusion of depth. It is executed rather well. But the best part of this tee is not what is included in the artwork, it is what is left out of it that makes us glad. What was left out you may be asking yourself..."Plumber's Crack" that's what. We can all be thankful for that.

Your Favorite Plumber Tee Design.

Is available on: Tees, Hoodies. Black fabric color is mandatory. Black is the best choice as the negative space is part of the design. But if the design was reworked to be on other colors it would appeal to more people. The review breakdown is as follows: