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Arm The Animals Tee Brand Review.

Arm The Animals

Arm The Animals Tee Brand is a charitable business that supports Animal Rights. Meaning that a portion of the proceeds goes to various charities supporting that cause.

As for the Print Quality, the shirts and fleece that we have are printed slightly above the average Direct To Garment digital prints and are on par with ones that you would find at sites such Redbubble.

This is a print-to-order type of business so the turnaround time is usually great. Here is their shipping policy in their own words:

Shipping Policy

"We run most online orders on a “print to order basis” and we begin fulfillment as soon as possible. We buy blanks, produce, QC, and ship every day of the week and we can turn most orders in 5-7 business days. We are always working on this process to make it faster and more efficient and each quarter, we can get our orders out a day or two quicker. "

Arm The Animals Tee Brand Interview:

How did Arm The Animals Tee Brand get started and what is your brand all about?

Arm The Animals was born from tragedy in 2010 as an attempt to express the inexpressible. Created following the untimely death of my sister (who a lifelong animal advocate and “pet parent” to a dozen rescues), Arm The Animals would serve as a living tribute and means of carrying on a legacy that was ended too soon. It all started as an emotional reaction and a hobby, but thankfully, it took and has evolved into the brand you see today.

What are the ATA ideals?

Our ideals are really simple: Make killer tees and make an impact on the welfare of as many animals in need as possible. We want to be the voice of people out there who are not extremists, but truly care about animal welfare. We like to send a strong message via imagery and up to this point, we think we have done a good job of that. Charitable cause are really personal and subjective, but we see millions of animals in need and we just want to help as best we can. Our company motto is, “Speak for the Speechless & Defend the Defenseless”, so that’s the basic credo all of our designs speak to.

Who designs the tees?

95% of all designs are done in house and by myself or RJ Ochoa. We try to do as much in-house as possible, but about 2 years ago, we began reaching out and using a small network of artists from around the world. We have released items featuring art from Thailand, The Philippines Australia, The UAE, Ukraine and more. We really like the idea of getting a new, “Global take” on our concepts, which can be tough to do from inside the company. We have also had guest artists come and work in the office with us for weeks at a time; Franz Garcia ( & Tony Koehl ( made major contributions to our releases over the past 2 years in particular.

What inspires the tees?

We have been inspired by making an impact on the general welfare of animals, but certain instances also influence us. For example, when Cecil the lion was killed last year, it inspired a hugely successful design that raised over $12,000 for the ZCTF, who patrols the area where Cecil was killed. Originally, ATA started as just a hobby to help cat/dog shelters and it has now mushroomed into covering all animals of all types. So many species are facing extinction and plight that there is no shortage of inspiration and when it all comes together, like it did with Cecil, the results are amazing!

How would you classify the tees?

We’re actually proud that there is no clear classification for our tees; I mean, they are graphic tees, but you can’t simply say they are high fashion, or hipster, or beach life inspired or political, etc. To us, they are all that… Animal welfare cuts across every demographic on the planet, so we’re lucky to be able to appeal to so many different kinds of people. This isn’t easy, but it is a good problem to have in our estimation.

When we researched animal welfare tees back in 2010 when we started the company - all we found was kittens and butterflies, or blood and guts - with nothing in between for the every man or every woman out there. We wanted to make tees for people who are pissed and care about animals and want to show it - so that’s what we attempted to do. We have had any kind of person you could imagine support us and have even seen three generations of a family all buy a different shirts from us at an event. That’s something special and it’s not something a ton of brands can pull off.

Arm The Animals Tee Brand.

The review breakdown of their DTG Printed products are as follows:

Hear Me Roar Tee Design by Alberto Arni.

Hear Me Roar Tee Design Review.


The Hear Me Roar tee design is for Game of Thrones fans and those that have fond memories of The Lion King.

For the concept, The Hear Me Roar tee design corrupts the Game of Thrones world with the evilness of Disney's The Lion King. But it looks damn good. The Lion is the sigil for the House of Lannister and putting Tyrion on a cliff with two other famous lions is a fun idea. It has the right balance of cute and funny as well as all the needed references to make a good mashup or parody.

As for the artwork, the shading, lighting and coloring are all fantastic. It looks like a still from a large production Disney animated movie. It has loads of stunning detail and effects. Especially with the use of the simulated sunlight. It looks really good on a red tee.

As a result, this is one of the best parody tees.

This is an fun Game of Thrones shirt that is bound to bring laughs to many fans.

Writing as someone that is not a fan of The Lion King or of Disney in general, the Game of Thrones fans would still like this tee. But die hard Disney fans would only like this if they like Game of Thrones.

Hear Me Roar Tee Design by Alberto Arni.

Is available on T-shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. There are 3 fabric color choices available, White, Black and Red. The review breakdown is as follows:

KILL MONOTONY Tee Design by Enkel Dika

KILL MONOTONY Tee Design Review.

The Kill Monotony tee is for the people that dare to be different, those who crave change. The type of people that love, fear and respect nature but walk that fine line of the accepted behavior and the unexpected behavior. The kind that catches others off guard so much that they do not know how to react. This design tells the world "Dare to be different". It also warns people not to conform to the point of having no identity. This also works for anyone that really hates zebras. Like stop serving cow and serve up some damn zebra meat type of hate.

The hunter, the lion, attacks the zebra. Maybe because it is full of delicious colorful flavor, maybe the zebra bored the lion. Perhaps it ganked his stuff, and he had to set an example.

The illustration is like that found in children's books but with the obvious sadistically natural twist. Buko kept this design clean, eliminating backgrounds and foregrounds to emphasize the subjects. It is only available in Men's and Women's Tees, sorry kiddos.

The Kill Monotony design makes for a great casual shirt to be worn when you are just chilling or wanting to make a statement without saying a word.

Kill Monotony Tee Design by Buko.

Is available on: Tees, Phone Cases, Wall Art. White fabric is mandatory and it works well with this artwork and printing method. Grey would had worked as well if not better. The review breakdown is as follows: