Not So Happy Tee Design by Lora Zombie

Not So Happy Tee Design Review.

The Not So Happy tee is for people that do not like McDonald's or fast food in general. With all of the GMO's, preservatives and who the hell knows type of additives who can blame them. Look at all the artificial colors the clown has vomited. This implies that the Happy Meals are not so happy after all. But the best part of this design is by far the little girl for being such a smartass.

Lora's art never disappoints. The twisted sense of humor always shines through. For instance, look at the hair horns on Ronald as if he is the Antichrist. When most of us would normally say "I do not want an image of something puking on my shirt" we more than welcome this one. Effing brilliant. The illustration is great in all aspects. Awesome coloring and shading make the design pop.

The Not So Happy design makes for a casual tee that is perfect for a conversation starter or making a statement.

Not So Happy Tee Design by Lora Zombie.

Is available on: Tees and Phone Cases. White colored fabric is mandatory. The review breakdown is as follows:

The Morning After Tee Design by Paul Southworth

The Morning After Tee Design Review.

The Morning After tee is cute and gross which is funny to the point of pain. It is the ideal tee or gift for anyone who has partied too much and let a night's worth of entertainment and drinking get the best of them. Perhaps you know a college student that could use some new threads? Well look no further! Well to be honest, this is what happens when I eat McDonald's. So it is not just for the binge drinkers, it is also for anyone that is sick of clowns or that clowns make them sick. Up yours Ronald McDonald. So if anyone seriously suffers from Coulrophobia or just really hates clowns then consider this as a gag gift for them (with caution).

The artwork is clean and straightforward with vibrantly bold colors. Paul Southworth did an awesome job of finding the right mix between humor and being disgusting.

The Morning After design makes for a great casual shirt to be worn at parties and bars.

The Morning After Tee Design by Paul Southworth.

Is available on: Tees, Phone Cases. Gold (Yellow) fabric is mandatory and it works well with this artwork as it is a typical clown (prime) color. The review breakdown is as follows: