The Amazing Bender Tee Design by SergioDoe.

The Amazing Bender Tee Design Review.

The Amazing Bender tee design is for the Spider-Man Fans and more importantly Futurama fans.

This concept is an Amazing Fantasy (Shown below) spoof called Amazing Future where Bender from Futurama is swinging with his arms as opposed to the Spider-Man swinging from his webs. He is carrying Philip J. Fry with one arm while giving him a menacing look. The text reads "Introducing Bender", "Though the world may mock me. The Great Bender...", "They will all soon bite my shiny metal ass!", and "Also in this issue an important message to you, from the Hypnotoad-All glory to the Hypnotoad." all suitable for Futurama. Other Futurama references included are the MomCorp building, a Slurm billboard and the NNYC Tube Transport System.

Amazing Fantasy

As for the artwork, the colors stand out well and are appropriate enough for the Futurama franchise. The layout is the same as the Amazing Fantasy cover only with NNYC aspects instead.The shading is a bit weak but it doesn't detract from the design. The edges of the design are "sponged" out (evident of the repeating brush pattern) in an effort to blend the design with the fabric. This effect would had looked better if there were no repetition in order to look more natural. Most people would not notice this however so no points detracted.

Overall the Amazing Bender is a good nod to a classic magazine (comic book) and a nice Futurama reference tee.

The Amazing Bender Design by SergioDoe.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. Many fabric color choices are available. Black does look the best though. The review breakdown is as follows: