RUNNIN' RHINO Tee Design by Allan Faustino

Runnin Rhino Tee Design Review.

The Runnin Rhino tee is for the people that aspire to be something else or perhaps just want to better themselves. People that lack motivation for exercise and working toward goals might appreciate this tee as it will serve as a cute and helpful reminder. It may even inspire others. However, the people that have some sort of identity complex where they want to be something that they are not, might identify with this design or get insulted by it. This artwork is a nice clean cartoon illustration of a determined rhinoceros. Allan kept it simple, no shading aside from a single drop shadow, no color blending and no cluttering or unnecessary design elements. As silly as it is, this works well as a t-shirt. Just remember that self improvement is great. However, unrealistic goals are unhealthy. The Runnin Rhino design is ideal for wearing to the gym and support groups.

Runnin Rhino Tee Design Allan Faustino.

Is available on: Tees, Phone Cases, Wall Art and Hoodies. Navy colored fabric for Men's and Kids' apparel (Royal Blue for Babies) and Midnight colored fabric for Women's is mandatory and it works well with this artwork. The review breakdown is as follows: