I DID Have Other Plans This Decade Tee Design by Rasabi

I DID Have Other Plans This Decade Tee.

The I DID Have Other Plans This Decade tee design revolving around monotony err Monopoly...screw it it was right the first time. The game that never ends. Pretty clever of Rich Uncle Pennybags to use it to buy some more time to live. At the rate that game goes he'd live forever. How he convinced the Grim Reaper to play it in the first place remains a mystery. Although, some people rather die than to play the game in the first place. Decisions, decisions.

Great job Rasabi you managed to make people laugh and validate the existence of that fun in small doses bored game or I mean "Board" game. No, I like everyone else did mean "Bored". I just wish we could make out what token Death is playing as. Some would assume the canon or battleship or the obvious horse and rider. But I bet it is the dog.

Clean artwork all the way around. With an ominous glowing Monopoly board in the center as the focal point, this tee screams "evil". Funny, but evil.

The I DID Have Other Plans This Decade design is on children's apparel too. Which is a good, it passes down dark humor to the younger generations that will one day run things.

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I DID Have Other Plans This Decade Tee Design by Rasabi.

 Black is the only fabric color available which also serves as the shading for the design. The review breakdown is as follows: