Let's Operate Already Tee Design by KindaCreative

Let’s Operate Already Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Let's Operate Already tee design is for the Futurama fans whether they have fond memories of the Operation game or not.

The concept is funny and true to the Dr. John Zoidberg character as he is as incompetent as a Larry, Curly, or Moe as surgeons. Hence the "Skill Game" quote. There is a healthy mix and balance of both the Futurama Franchise and the board game Operation. If there was a real life Futurama Edition of Operation it would look like this and be a huge hit. Why not? They have The Big Bang Theory Monopoly sets and Firefly Yahtzee so it is very plausible.

As for the artwork, it takes the two Futurama characters as they are and throws in some Operation elements. Like KindaCreative substitutes a red ball for Fry's nose and includes rectangle holes all over his body. Inside the holes are objects instead of body parts like organs, bones. Such as parasites (worms). There are tons of Futurama references in this one shirt. Like the Slurm can, bee stinger, Seymour's bone, Brain Slug and the Robot Devil's hand (a reference to The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings episode). Those are all geek icing on a geek cake. Aside from the dead on illustration there isn't much that can be said. It looks good on every available color too.

This Let's Operate Already tee will make a nice gift for any Futurama fan. It's funny and true to the show.

Let's Operate Already Tee Design by KindaCreative.

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