Everything is Gold Tee Design by Radscoolian

Everything is Gold Tee Design Review.

The Everything is Gold tee reflects nature in its most fundamental and mathematical beauty. The Golden Ratio and the Golden Spiral are evident in life and the cosmos. As a result it has found its way in art and aesthetics. Leonardo da Vinci's work implemented these Golden Formulas and serve as prime examples of this.

If you look closely enough, everything will show the pattern at some level. Radscoolian shows the pattern on a larger, everything-is-connected-scale on this forest themed shirt. Using a forced perspective it shows how small and seemingly insignificant we all are in the grand scheme of things.

As a result there is an almost spiritual aspect to this design. It will make a great gift for mathematicians, artists and nature enthusiasts.

The Everything is Gold design makes for a great casual shirt. It can be worn virtually anywhere. Museums, School, or in the woods just to name some relevant places.

This Shirt is Temporarily Unavailable Sorry, we're not printing this one at the moment. Check back tomorrow when the catalog re-opens.

Everything is Gold Tee Design by Radscoolian.

 Black is the only fabric color available and it also serves as the trees which are made up of the negative space. The review breakdown is as follows: