Donkey Kong Country Tee Design

Donkey Kong Country Tee Design Review.

The Donkey Kong Country tee design could not get more iconic than this. Super Mario Bros. and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas fans could not get more excited about this shirt.

First off, both characters consume their fill of hallucinogens so this mashup is appropriate, at least for the adults tee consumers. Why it is available on kids' clothing goes beyond any reasonable comprehension. Second, this is funny regardless. Although, it is not an original concept as it is an obvious observation that has been played on a whopping number of times.

Concept wise the design works. When playing the save the princess game with this context in mind, the gaming adventure make more sense. Chasing a dragon, eating magical shrooms and immersing oneself in pipes and flower power while aiming for the stars cannot be explain any other way. After all, a plumber needs an outlet, he deserves a princess and all the coins that he can carry for having to unclog peoples poop.

The art mirrors the actual movie poster for Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas but with Mario World imagery instead of a desert with bats.

Whoever the artist is, executed this design well.

Super Mario Bros. and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas fans would love the 90's vibe that this shirt emits.

Donkey Kong Country Tee Design.

Is available on: Tees. White fabric color is mandatory and it was the backdrop of the actual movie poster. Therefore, no other color choice is necessary. The review breakdown is as follows: