Extraordinary Scientists Tee Design by Queenmob

Extraordinary Scientists Tee Design Review.

The Extraordinary Scientists tee design is a mashup of the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and a nod to the great scientific minds that created our modern high tech society and our current understanding of the universe.

While the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen sucked the proverbial big one, the scientists caricatured here are truly extraordinary. Isaac Newton, the inventor of Calculus who also laid the foundation for classical mechanics obviously earned his spot on this tee. Albert Einstein is included because of his theory on relativity revolutionized modern physics, ie. space time. Marie Curie because she co-discovered radium and polonium, pioneered the field of radioactivity. Erwin Schrödinger is included for his thought experiments on the physical states of matter. Charles Darwin is added for his theory of evolution which explains all the diversity in lifeforms. This dream team would not be complete without Nikola Telsa whose work in electricity specifically wireless electricity can change the world for the better if corrupt powers that be would allow the conversion from powerlines to his more practical methods.

Queenmob, has this cartoon style that is perfect for television and t-shirts. The gray-scaled figures with their ominous green glow of scientific powers truly look like a science fiction comic book. No amount of fiction can top the awesomeness that these great people actually achieved, but this design comes close.

The Extraordinary Scientists tee is the perfect gift for the science fans, nerds and so called geeks that look up to these modern heroes.

This tee is perfect for wearing to school, libraries, museums and comic-cons.

Extraordinary Scientists Tee Design by QueenMob.

Is available on: Tees. Black fabric color is mandatory and it is the only color that would support the glowing illusion. The review breakdown is as follows: