Krieger's Laboratory Tee Design by kgullholmen.

Krieger’s Laboratory Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Krieger's Laboratory tee design is for the Dexter's Laboratory and Archer fans. Who doesn't side with the mad scientists?

The concept is a good 50/50 mashup of Dexter (the cartoon scientist not the serial killer of serial killers) and Dr. Algernop Krieger. It blends the twisted world of Krieger's experiments into Dexter's lab. They have a lot of themes in common. For 2 cartoons from different decades, the humor proves timeless.

As for the artwork, it is done in the Dexter's Laboratory style. The flat background simple backgrounds paired with a colorful foreground character. And by color I mean blood splatter and toxic green substances. The angry bitter face works with both franchises. But more impressive than illustrating in the Dexter's Laboratory style is the subtle signature and how it is incorporated into the design. The way a signature should be.

Anyone that enjoys both cartoons will want to add this tee to their collection as it is one of those generation gap fillers that bring like-minded folks together (at least the mad scientists types)..

Krieger's Laboratory Tee Design by kgullholmen.

Is available on T-shirts. Charcoal, Deep Royal, Navy, Turquoise and White are the fabric color choices that are available. They work well for this design as they double as the color of the sky.