Herman's Honey T-shirt Design by FlatTop Frankie

Herman’s Honey T-shirt Design Review.

The Herman's Honey t-shirt is based on the old tv show The Munsters staring Lily Munster (Yvonne De Carlo) as a female vampire and her spooky family and their High Jinx. People who enjoy the sexy and creepy genres will love this t-shirt.

The concept is simply Lily Munster showing her goods and boy does she show it. The title 'MUNSTER' is on the top with gooey white and purple letters. Her body is shaped like a hourglass and her boots are sky high. She wears a creepy bat necklace with her black nails around her waist. Her lingerie is spiderweb. Her makeup is done in all Black and her eyes are painted purple. Her hair is done in highlights (White, Purple and Black).

As for the artwork, Lily stands around fog with bats in the near distance. It's a little bit creepy but also sexy as well. The color of the base is the same as Lily's hair.

I recommend this t-shirt to anyone who likes retro and vintage television.

As for the print, It turned out a little muted which is unusual for Neatoshop. The good news is NeatoShop would gladly adjust the colors and reprint the tee for you if it is far from the thumbnail's representation. The colors stand out more than the competition. This time we chose the Fruit of The Loom HD Tee as a canvas.

Herman's Honey T-shirt Design by FlatTop Frankie

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