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Stampede Tee by ADHO1982 Design Review.

TheĀ Stampede tee design is for the Trigun fans that also enjoy the music of The Beatles.

The concept is that the characters of Trigun pose as the band mates of the Beatles while walking across Abbey Road, just like the album cover.

As for the artwork... Firstly, the style is straight up Trigun. Secondly, the colors are more muddy and fit the theme of an old western well. Of course, one of the characters should had been barefoot for a direct tribute to the Beatles. Thirdly, the shading on the characters is consistent. Personally, I would not had put a gun in Vash's hand sense he prefers peace but it works for this design. Lastly, it is instantly recognizable for either franchise.

This Stampede Ringspun T-shirt will make a nice gift for the Trigun fans.

Wear this tee to Comic-Cons and salons.

Stampede Tee Design by ADHO1982.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Posters, Dog T-shirts, Tank tops and Crewnecks. Black, Dark Chocolate, Navy and Sport Grey, are the only fabric color options. The review breakdown is as follows:

Trigun Fiction Tee Design by Coinbox Tees.

Trigun Fiction Tee Design Review.

The Trigun Fiction tee design is for Trigun and Pulp Fiction fans.

Pulp Fiction

The concept is badass. The Pulp Fiction characters of Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield (seen above) are replaced by Vash the Stampede and Wolfwood of Trigun. This is one my favorite versions of the numerous Pulp Fiction parody/mashups out there.

As for the artwork, this one is drawn in solid White with the blank negative space creating the shadows. The character likenesses are true to the cartoon and is simply awesome.

While this is the Pulp Fiction pose it is definitely more of a Trigun fan tee.

Coincox Tees executed this design perfectly, The Pulp Fiction vibe showing through with the facial expressions and Trigun elements filling the rest. It is a bit odd seeing Vash that pissed but it works.

Trigun Fiction Tee Design by Coinbox Tees.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. Black colored fabric is mandatory and is really the best option. The review breakdown is as follows:

The Humanoid Typhoon Tee Design by TrulyEpic.

The Humanoid Typhoon Tee Design Review.

The Humanoid Typhoon tee design is for the Trigun fans.

The concept is to take the main character from the anime show Trigun namely Vash The Stampede and surround him with familiar motifs from the show. "Love" and "Peace" as well as the black cat, and The Punisher (the large gun in the shape of a cross...not the Marvel Comic Book Character)

As for the artwork, the colors are appropriate for Vash. Lots of shading and lots of details. The composition is pleasing to the eye as it is well balanced. Even though is is printed with the DTG method now the halftones are as prof as it gets. The foreground elements are more vivid than the background images which helps add the illusion of depth. From a distance however the tee does appear to be very busy and it it difficult to make out all of the details. It probably would be better without the desert atmosphere behind Vash as that design element is done in kind of a weird way since it doesn't extend to other parts as if it were a door way (it's not). As for the print itself, the colors are a bit muted compared to the thumbnail so that is a disappointment.

The Humanoid Typhoon tee will make a great gift for fans of Trigun.

This design is available on kids' tees too.

The Humanoid Typhoon Tee Design By TrulyEpic.

Is available on T-shirts. Black, Charcoal and Dark Chocolate are the only fabric color options. These are good but More colors would had been nice. The review breakdown is as follows: