Quinn of Diamonds Tee Design by barefists.

Quinn of Diamonds Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Quinn of Diamonds tee design is for the people that like adore Harley Quinn and playing cards.

The concept is great but far from original. There is an endless sea of Harley Quinn card tees out there but this one is the best one to date. It puts all of the others to shame. For starters, the bottom half of the design does not just mirror the top half. The top Harley is smiling and winking and holds a batarang and her mallet on her back while her face is in the white tone and her hair is in the red tone. The bottom Harley, holds a Jester's head scepter and her infamous baseball bat on her back while her face is in the red tone and her hair is in the white tone. Second, barefists used a super cute Harley Quinn with the pigtails and no eye mask or makeup. She is overlaying a more than intricate border which most card themed designs don't even bother adding.

As for the artwork, the colors are appropriate for Harley Quinn. The design is clean and smooth with exceptional balance. The shading is better than average for a tee design. She just looks badass. It is the perfect blend of the many Harley Quinn variations and it nails the character's personality. It is a must have tee for any HQ fan and collector.

This Quinn of Diamonds tee will make a nice gift for Batman and Harley Quinn fanboys and fangirls. They won't want to take it off for any reason.

This design is available on kids' tees too.

This is an excellent shirt for wearing to Comic-Cons or casinos.

Quinn of Diamonds Tee Design by barefists.

Is available on T-shirts. Black or Charcoal are the only fabric color choices. The review breakdown is as follows: