Say My Name Tee Design by Berserk7.

Say My Name Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Say My Name tee design is for Breaking Bad fans obviously.

I apologize for the poor image quality my current camera is junk.

This a basic cartoon of Walter White with one of his more popular quotes creating a combination that never happened. He never said "Say My Name" while holding or pointing a gun.

As for the artwork, it is clean and simple. No real shading or anything added to clutter it up like a background or flighty design elements. It shows Walter and demonstrates his attitude... with a gun. That is what makes this tee worth buying. It isn't the artwork itself, it is the depiction of the essence Walter White.

This Say My Name design isn't the best Breaking Bad tee nor is it the worst. It lacks a certain grit to be the best. It is however one of the more in your face type of designs that can be easily identified from a distance. With the smoke and vapor tee types it is difficult to make out what is going on in the image.

This is a good Breaking Bad tee though a bit inappropriate for some with the gun and all.

Say My Name Tee Design Berserk7.

Is available on T-shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Dog T-shirts. There are many fabric color choices available as well, each depending on what style is chosen. The review breakdown is as follows: