I Want To Believe Tee Design by Cubik and ZombieMedia

I Want To Believe Tee Design Review.

TheĀ I Want To Believe tee design is for Sci-Fi fans that enjoy Back To The Future and the X-Files.

The concept of this design is based on the Back To The Future Hoverboard and the poster "I Want To Believe" that could be seen in "Spooky" Fox Mulder's F.B.I. office. It is also the title of the second feature film installment of the X-Files franchise. An actual hoverboard has been the dream of almost everyone that has seen the Back To The Future II and III movies not just the fanboys. WE ALL WANT TO BELIEVE. So much so that two variations of the hoverboard have been made this year to match the deadline in the movie... the Hendo Board and the Lexus Hoverboard. Though neither are as tweaked out or perfected as the one in the movies.

As for the artwork, there is a good full colored illustration of the fictional Mattel Hoverboard in the foreground with a silhouetted Hill Valley Courthouse in the background. Awesome coloring and contrast. Personally I think it is a little weird to see just a hoverboard without a pair of legs attached to it, but that is just me.

The 80's children would probably love this tee as the Back to The Future movies are iconic.

This is a good BTTF tribute tee as this is the year (2015) that the Marty McFly character traveled to in the in the Back To The Future II movie.

I Want To Believe Tee Design by Cubik and Zombiemedia

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