Tanuki Revenge Tee Design by Vintz.

Tanuki Revenge Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Tanuki Revenge tee design is for anti-Mario people and the sadistic Mario fans.

The concept is simple and self explanatory. The poor raccoon animal known in Japan as the Tanooki or Tanuki who's skin that Mario and Luigi like to wear in order to give them flying abilities turns the tables. This on makes a gruesome suit out of Mario's skin and has an even more twisted expression of joy on its face. Wait a minute. That's the same smile Mario wears on his face when the roles are reversed. Mario gets what he deserves here because he is one sick son of a bitch.

As for the artwork, it is great. Disturbingly so with sick details like veins and whatnot. The colors and shading are as professional as it gets and the style is the same demented stuff that inspires nightmares and Tim Burton movies.

This is a nice change and break from the normal Nintendo themed tees that flood the market.

This funny shirt is good for any lighthearted occasion and place. Especially where video games are involved. PETA would love it.

Tanuki Revenge Tee Design by Vintz.

Is available on T-shirts. Ice Blue and Silver colored fabric are the only choices. They work well for this design as they double as the color of the sky.