Science Consider Yourself Warned Tee Design by patrickspens

Science Consider Yourself Warned Tee Review.

The Science Consider Yourself Warned tee design serves as an imaginative warning to scientists about playing God. Such as creating Genetically Modified Foods, Clones and Nuclear Weapons just to name a few. Think Jurassic Park with super powers and then you have a good idea what this design is about. While looking at the artwork, it is difficult to tell if the dinosaurs creation was merely accident or if some mad scientist intentionally created the abomination.

The cool thing about this tee is that it pretty much covers all the aspects of science and mankind in general that we tend to royally screw up while poking a little fun at our ambitious egotism.

The concept is a bit pessimistic, as is its message, but it is still great due to the imagination, artistry and the intent behind the design. The T-Rex looks badass as it is wrecking havoc on everything. Take note of the glowing red evil eye. Patrick knows his craft as all just as awesome as this is.

This artwork is on children's apparel too which is a fun way to teach kids about caution and the proper way to be a smartass.

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Science Consider Yourself Warned Tee Design by patrickspens.

 Slate is the only fabric color available and it doubles as some of the midtones. The review breakdown is as follows: