Forever Young Tee Design by Nasken

Forever Young Tee Design Review.

TheĀ Forever Young tee design is a mash up that comes to everyone's mind at some point or other Link and Navi with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

The concept is okay. Link and Navi are solid with their shadows taking the shape of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I'm not sure if anything else is being implied or not. Surely no one thinks there is any copyright infringement of any kind by Nintendo. Both sets of characters have many similarities. Link and Peter Pan are both heroes and are roughly the same ages most of the time (kids). They both wear green clothing and have their weapons of choice. Navi and Tinkerbell are both fairies that follow their boy in green around everywhere.

As for the artwork, it isn't bad. It has appropriate colors and moderate shading. The stance is a bit off for the shadow to be properly aligned so it is forced for the sake of the concept.

This is a good "green tights club" Zelda themed tee that kids of all ages should love.

This casual shirt is good for getting double takes.

Forever Young Tee Design by Nasken.

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