Neatoshop Vs TeeFury DTG Print Quality Comparison

DTG Print Comparison: TeeFury Vs Neatoshop.

TeeFury Vs Neatoshop DTG Print Quality Comparison. Two of the best brands in the Pop Culture T-shirt market. Both of these brands willingly sent in the samples for me to use in reviews, articles and promotion of their brands with all that in mind. Meaning that they approved the samples. As a disclaimer I will state that I am an affiliate of both brands and both pay their affiliate's the same rate for the referrals. I have no grudges against either brand and I am quite fond of both for their services, products and said affiliate programs. This is a Print Quality Only comparison but images of the product tags are shown for informational purposes only.

TeeFury Vs Neatoshop.

TeeFury's Limited Edition Screen Printed tees of the day are of the highest caliber. I love their screen printed tees and I personally own quite a few of them. With that said, if you happen to miss out on their Limited Edition tees you can still find some of their past offerings in their Galleries and Collections which are like a "Best Of" type of thing. These second chance type tees are available through a Print On Demand type business model which uses a Direct To Garment printing technique. While these tees are above the industry average for DTG quality, they still do not match their Screen Printed Quality standards and do not surpass all of their DTG competitors. Sometimes the designs in these collections and galleries are not available anywhere else but you can usually find them elsewhere such as Neatoshop.

Neatoshop does not have Screen Printed tees as they specialize in Direct To Garment printing only. Their DTG printed tees are the best in the Print On Demand industry to date that I have personally seen. Most of the designs that you see on the Limited Edition Shirt-of-the-Day type sites (featured on the TeeFetch homepage) can be found here as well as at other Print On Demand services not shown in this comparison.

This is a side by side TeeFury Vs Neatoshop DTG print quality comparison of the same design from these two brands.

Neatoshop Vs TeeFury DTG Print Quality Comparison

What I notice and the images above should clarify this, is that both brands have about the same ink thickness. But Neatoshop's ink coverage and color range is far superior. On the TeeFury sample Kaylee's pants appear Grey and on the Neatoshop sample the pants do appear to be Green. To my eyes the Reds on the Neatoshop print came out better. Neatoshop's sample also comes closer to matching the actual design thumbnail shown on their website where as TeeFury's did not. This could be because TeeFury's original file might had been setup for Screen Printing and not DTG. I suggest this as a possibility because of the slight design differences that are noticeable on the two design thumbnails. Such as the shading under Kaylee's legs and on her nose (in which the latter appears to be smudged). It is in no way related to the differences in fabric color. I can say this with complete and total confidence as darker fabrics are more difficult to print on as a white layer is usually added as a primer then the design gets printed on top of that. Meaning the dark fabric does not show through the primer. So technically the darker fabric should be a disadvantage for Neatoshop but it clearly is not an obstacle at all.

Not all of TeeFury's tees are this noticeably different from than their design thumbnails. Usually, I rate their printing from 3.5 stars up to 5 stars as sometimes there is variations between what you see and what you actually get. In this case it is a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Their Siren tee for example scored a 5 out of 5. Their Screen Printed tees (not shown) are a 5 out of 5 stars for Screen Printed quality.

Neatoshop is always consistent with their DTG printing and quality control and so far I've always rated their printing 5 out of 5 stars.

I rate DTG on its own merits and I do not compare it to Screen Printing which is also based on its own merits. Both printing methods have their pros and cons. This has been a DTG vs DTG Brand Vs Brand print quality review.