Eleven the Telekinetic T-Shirt Design by Boggs Nicolas.

Eleven The Telekinetic T-shirt Design Review.

TheĀ Eleven the Telekinetic tee design is for the Stranger Things fans that dig the awesomeness of the metal band Iron Maiden.

First, instead of the band name "Iron Maiden" there is "ELEVEN" which is the name of the character from Stranger Things who is replacing Eddie from Iron Maiden's cover. Next, it has the title "Telekinetic" instead of "The Trooper" as well. And to borrow from a previous design review... the concept is cool and much like the Galactic Empire tee and it makes a much better mash up or parody of Iron Maiden's The Trooper than say the Skeletor version (which isn't bad) or the Mars Attacks version.

Iron Maiden The Trooper Album Cover

As for the artwork, it is awesome. Eleven is full of detail and the likeness is uncanny. In addition, other show elements replace the rest of the album cover such as her box of frozen waffles in place of the sword and an empty hand reaching out replacing the Union Jack (flag). As well as featuring a demogorgon instead of the Grim Reaper in the bottom right corner. All mirroring their counterparts perfectly. Also, the shading and coloring is masterfully done as is expected from Boggs Nicolas. Overall, the print turned out perfectly, on the Next Level brand of blank used. And as Always, the RED printed beautifully.

This Eleven The Telekinetic tee will make a nice gift for the Stranger Things and Iron Maiden fans that like both franchises. Plus, it is available in kid sizes so they won't miss out on this sci-fi and rock legend tribute.

Makes a great fan shirt that fits in anywhere such as Comic-Con or to rock concerts.

Eleven The Telekinetic T-shirt Design by Boggs Nicolas.

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